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[taking charge of proteins from neurodegeneration to industrial biotechnology]In the 2019 Womens Volleyball World Cup Awarding Ceremony, the Chinese female mounted on the World Cups highest podium and realized the feat of the ten crown princes□▷. Leo photographed Source☆•○◆: Visual China New Network Client Beijing May 28th=▪, the Chinese Zoom Association website published an article in the former Chinese male row of two mens rows in the year★△, and he recited China volleyball. The development history of career, combing the formation and development of womens volleyball team, and puts forward their expectations for the development of Chinese volleyball in the future. In 1951, Zhang Ran became the first generation of professional athletes, in September 1956, Chinas men and women participated in the World Volleyball Championships in Paris, and the womens volleyball team finally ranked 6t.

Original title■▷★: Xinhua News Agencys right to broadcast “Government Work Report” ↑ On 5○★▲○, Li Keqiang made a “government work report” on behalf of the State Council at the 13th National Peoples Congress■▽. Xinhua News Agency, Yao Dawei◁○, Xinhua News Agency…▼…◆, Beijing◁…□△, March 22 On March 20th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress has passed the resolution on the governments work report and approved this report. The report is divided into three parts: First, the past five years of work review; Second, 2018, the overall requirements and policy orientation of economic and social development…▷☆; three, the recommendations of the 2018 government work. The report pointed out that the main expected goal of 2018 is: domestic studen.

Click on the disease name to receive the online office ◆◆”free consultation and the opening…☆”◇■, but there is no doctor asked the condition online shopping prescription drug really need ▽☆◆▽”prescription”? A few days ago, some netizens said that it is very casual on the Internet◁☆△, including anesthetics prescription drugs can be purchased at will. Beijing Youth Daily report analyzed that in some drug health websites, the “prescription” audit streams in the form, just select the name of the disease, even if there is no need to upload the photo, the fastest 3 minutes You can complete the verification and wait for the goods▽■■. Experts said that prescription drugs will be free to use drug risk▷▲••, and the proposal platform will strengthen auditing. Investigate the online shopping office does not have a prescription? At present◆▪○◆, there are many onli▷★◁■.

Recently, Guo Rui■○, chief technician, aircraft, aircraft◁□□, aircraft□▼▪-, aircraft, aircraft, aircraft, aircraft-=★•, aircraft, aircraft, aircraft, aircraft★◁•▪, a reporter•▷-. The Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing, the National Peoples Congress representative△★□, =-“Pienteng Yuan◁△▽” Guo Rui said in the interview with Beijing News▪▼☆, his most concerned is the topic of high-skilled talents△-. He suggested that on the basis of the existing National Scientific Progress Award, the scientific and progressive technical awards at the provincial, autonomous region…★-◇, municipality directly under the Central Government, mobilized the promotion of the majority of workers and farmers. The high-skilled talent results declaration channel is a narrow New Beijing News: This is the first time to choose the National Peoples Congress representative•▲◁, I know that I am still surprised after being elected▲◆▲-? Guo Rui: Surprised, I learned that I have elected the National Peoples Congress at night, the same nigh. Nanjing May 28th (Reporter Zhu Xiaoying) Announcement on the 28th of the Jiangsu Provincial Health and Health Committee•-▼, 0-24, Jiangsu Province▽•, 1 case in Jiangsu Province (Panama input, in Suzhou designated hospital treatment). As of 24▼□•○:24, Jiangsu Province accumulated 726 cases of confirmed cases (including 95 cases of overseas), except for 11 cases of diagnosis in 11 cases, the rest has been discharged◆-•. According to the Jiangsu Provincial Health and Health Committee, 8 cases of non-symptom infected infections outside the 27th were added. As of 24:00 on May 27, 31 cases were focused and medical management. At present, Jiangsu Province chas•◆.