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[nitta gelatin na]Original title: Social investment project is reduced to 45 working days yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Regulations that the Committee issued to the relevant units☆▼▽▽, reforming social investment construction projects, through implementation of classification management, streamline approval Essentials, “Multi-regulated one” platform coordinates□●▼, municipal access ●☆▪”one-stop•○☆☆” window service, construction drawing review and completion acceptance ◁■◆”only one door-•”, △■•=”Internet + government service”◆-▲, etc., streamline approval The time limit is compressed to 45 working days. In the approval of the pre-conditions and declaration materials▷□, the reform is proposed to “reduce the burden” in the construction unit. For social investment, house construction projects can be determined by construction units, and no longer enforce the design and construction bidding, save the cost and construction cycle of construction unit.

China News Agency, Hong Kong▽▪◁, May 27 (Reporter Sopean) The Hong Kong Special Zone Legislative Council passed the “Perfect Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill” (“Bill•…”), Multi-Hong Kong National Peoples Congress On behalf of the CPPCC members■•▽, they were excited when they accepted the interview with China News Agency, welcomed, support and support, and believe that the improved electoral system will more in line with the original intention of the Hong Kong Basic Law, and will also fill the existence of the current electoral system■◇◆☆. Legal vulnerabilities provide legal protection for “Patriot Governance”, which is a new milestone in “one country●◇□, two systems” practices in Hong Kong▲○▷•. Tan Yaozong=◆, member of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, said that the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress is ear▪○.

Original title: The European Navy also wants to come to the South China Sea -◆”Cruise”? The EU senior official is a bit “stupid-☆□●” EU security policy●=▷, François Riviso, during the last week, said in the future, the European Navy is not ruled out in the South China Sea. The possibility of sailing patrols. Data Map: Nanhai According to the ○▷•◁”Australian Financial Comment▽…” report●=…, the EU Safety Policy Leader Françoa Riviso visited Australia last week that the European Navy did not rule out the possibility of sailing patrols in the South China Sea●▽●•. The EU expressed concerns about the “increasing tight▽□▲◇” situation in the South China Sea. Riviso said that the ocean is a “global land▪▽▪”…☆▲▲, and the South China Sea of ​​Peace is in line with the trade interests of Europe and is also global interests. He believes that the EU can be seen as “honest and middleman” of the South China Sea dispute◁☆▼. According to reports▲●▽▷, the United Stat! gelatin soft capsules ae proteina industries incPectin manufacturer china gelatin manufacturing supplier hydrolyzed bovine collagen vs collagen peptides!