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Gelatin wholesale gelatin factory in protein bar industry sales,[base industria e comercio de oleos e proteinas ltda]Original title: 82 years old became “National Goddess”■-, “Learning Fish”□▼-, “School Fish▲▼=■”. China News Weekly Mang Jiexus 3ddays from the Paris received awards, Zhang Mang was on time in the office of the ancient human research institute in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. She decided to invite almost all media interviews and activities, as if nothing happened. On March 22▲=, Zhang Mist took the 2018 “World Outstanding Female Scientist” award by UNESCO▽☆○○. At the award ceremony, she dressed in a Chinese-style long skirt, the whole process was released, speaking with fluent English, speaking■□, Chinese, Russian◇•▲○, and Swedish, the elegant temperament and humorous language order Chinas netizens Feeling “stunning”. Everyone enthusiastically called her “net red female scientis◇▲◆•.

Original title…◆: National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Sun Chengye: It is recommended that the general train will cancel the comprehensive non-smoking cover of the smoking area★○•. It is said that he will submit the proposal for “About the Cancellation of the Railway Ordinary Train Tobacco Area and Train”☆•○, which calls for comprehensive ban on smoking on ordinary passenger trains. Cover Journalists learned that according to the “Railway Safety Management Regulations-◁●” developed by the State Council▪■, my country is currently fully smoking on the train group and high-speed train train•△□•, but only for ordinary trains are required to ban smoking in the non-smoking area, most railway bureaus is still in the carriage The position of the connection is set up in the smoking area=◆, and many controversies have been triggered in recent years. In August 2017, Heb▪-=◆.

[Taiwan Forum] “Haipaine ten years is unlimited☆■▽” The Ten Year Story of the Strait Forum◇•, held the Central Terminal Office of the Communist Party of China, and the deputy director of the State Council, delivered a speech. (China Taiwan Network Yuan Chu photo) China Taiwan Network June 6th Xiamen News (Reporter Li Ning) Ten Years of Hairy Love Traveling on the Board, Top Ten Stories Touched to me=■•…. On the afternoon of June 5, ▷●☆”Deni Ten Years▪=•, Wonderful Unlimited” The Ten Year Story of the Strait Forum was held in Xiamen. The event is guided by the Straits Forum Organizing Committee, Fujian Broadcasting and Television Group○●, Taiwan Joint Daily Co•◇◁■., Ltd., China Taiwan Network…=●, jointly organized…=, and the Straits TV. Ten of the narcottors from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, told the touching story of their own and the Straits Forum▼•○, expressing the perception and sentiment of the Strait Forum for ten years, for the Tenth Dai◇▽△.

# 两 会 2018 # [Minister of Education ▪▪•□”Three Polls”: Concentrated in the big city has eased] On the afternoon of the 3rd★◆, the first ▷★”minister channel” in the national two sessions in 2018 was officially opened. Open. The Minister of Education Chen Baosheng said that in the past year•◆, this issue has eased◆□-…, and 25 provinces have released policy measures in accordance with their respective practices. For example, Shanghai, young parents are concentrated. Therefore, the primary and secondary schools must be fully covered, 3△▷:30 to 5, and the teacher is tilted. Beijing is 3 oclock to 5 oclock, the main content is to carry out extracurricular activities. At the same time▪●•, each student subsidy 700-900=★. Nanjing explored an elastic leaving time. Guangxi uses the community to resolve the hosted problem. It is feasible■…•. In addition, he said that social pow.