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[application of crude protein analysis in food industry]Original title: Expert Forecast March 25-28 On Beijing, Tianjin-Hebei will have pollution process according to China Environmental Monitoring Station◆◆…, the latest air quality forecast forecast for Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas=●▲●, is expected to be March 25-28…●■□, The atmospheric diffusion conditions in Beijing and Tianjin and the surrounding areas continued to be unfavorable, and there will be a large-scale pollution process. In response to the above, the National Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Treatment and Central Organization Experts predicts the air quality situation of this process▪▽. In late March, North China is the first spring scene◆▽◇•, the atmospheric circulation situation is active, with the side tropical high pressure northern lifting★▪◁▷, the temperature is constantly rising, the warm and humidity of the southern wind◇▽▲▼, the main warm water flow, will transport a lot of water vapor to Beijing Tianjin-Tianjin And the surrounding area, it is prone to static, high humidity and other unfavorable meteorological conditions. Consider the heating peri?

Original title: Headline China 6 times warnings are good in the South Island Reef US military US media: China has firmly established the US media, a US Navy P-8a ▼★▪▲”Sea” patrol machine 10 days fly over China Nansha Islands, in the flight process In the middle, the crew received 6 warnings from the Chinese military=■-△, telling them that the aircraft entered Chinas airspace and urged them to leave. ▪▽”Leave it immediately▪◁▼★, dont enter, so as not to misunderstand.” A voice said. According to the American Cable News Network website, the US military flew over the four China important people in the Nansha Islands: 碧•▼◁,, Yongshu Reef, Chitewagle Reef and Meiji Reef. ▲ The US Navy P-8A “Sea▽=” patrol machine (US Cable TV News Network) reported that China has been reinforcing this in most of the past two yea?

Original title: Yang Zhiji△◇, member of the Party Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, nominated that the director of the selection of Yang Zhizhi March 26th▼▽◇, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture held a seating cadres. Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda, Wang Yanwen□○□▷, Minister of the United Front, attended the meeting and speaking. Tang Qun, the Ministry of Organization of the Provincial Party Committee, read the provincial party committee decided: Comrade Yang Zhipiji is a party secretary of the Provincial Department of Culture, nominates the selection of the Provincial Department of Culture, and Comrade Xu Yaoxin is no longer serving the Director of the Provincial Department of Culture★◁▲•, Party Secretary. Xu Yaoxin presided over the meeting, Yang Zhizhi▲○, Xu Yaoxin first made a statement▪•…. Wang Yanwen pointed out that in recent years•▲■△, the Provincial Department of Culture adheres to the new development concept, and vigorously improve the level of cultural undertakings and cultural industries. Cultural leadership and cultural soft strength are further enhanced=•◇▼. In order to promote Jiangsu culture high-quality development in the forefront Active tribu○…◆=.Pectin manufacturer bulk gelatin liquid gelatin,