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Pectin manufacturer,[peptide collagen 100 fish]China New Jingwei Client May 26 (Fu Yumei) Data disputes in Tesla Wei rights events ushered in the latest progress. On the 25th, Tesla officially released an announcement on social media◆◁•=, and the company has established data centers in China to achieve data storage localization and will increase more local data centers. All data generated in the mainland market selling vehicles will be stored in China. Not long ago, the National Internet Information Office issued ▼▽●”Several Regulations on Automobile Data Safety Management (Draft for Comment)” (hereinafter referred to as •▽○☆”provisions”), and set the safety boundary for the car data…•■◁. Experts pointed out that Teslas statement will formulate the standardization management of automotive data. Tes.

Original title: Many intelligence high officials△○…: China is the strongest opponent I have seen in the United States! The danger of danger is reported on the 21st of the United States, the US CIA CIA CIA said: China is to replace the United States and become the strongest super big country in the world▲◆. The official also claims that China is achieving this goal through its own increasing global influence. The official is Michael Colin□▲, deputy director of the East Asian Mission Center of the CIA CIA CIA. He said in the recent international security forum, when the “China Rise” discussion activities said that China is conducting a “cold war▼▲” for the United States 00 capsules near me■•= industrial protein for Fertilizer! Collins claimed=▽★☆: △▷”According to Chinas own words and deeds, I think they are in the definition of a cold war in the United States china gelatine porcine! This is not the cold we see in the Cold War during the Soviet Unio•-△.

Original title=◇: I will mention it! Good news after the Dragon Boat Festival, there is a relationship with everyone! After the Dragon Boat Festival, the last small holiday in this summer has passed●▽★. Dont take it-=●! Below these good news=…○•, give you a breathable ~ Some high-speed rail tickets are 6☆□.5 fold! Image Source: Temil Network July 5 this year, Hefei to Wuhan, Wuhan to Yichang, Wuhan to Yichang, Guiyang to Guangzhou, Liuzhou to Nanning◇▪, Shanghai to Nanjing▪▼=, Nanjing to Hangzhou 6-segment running speed 200 to 250 The high-speed rail EMU announced the fare to optimize the fare. The explicit implementation of the fare is to announce the maximum price of the fare□◆. The railway related enterprises can practice the fare in the limit price according to the passenger flow situation▷◇◁, season season, time period, division, the partition section is flying in the limit price•◆=, and the maximum discount is 6.5 fold▷●▪□. Adju.

Original title▼☆…◆: I didnt expect that Trump has sent a gift to China●▪◁◁ gold collagen drink! Trump, you dont do it! One is the South? What is the sound of the East★▽•? Trump uses the perfect action to practice this◁=. Or, give China a fantastic gift. Because the whole world is very clear, the number one target of the US Trade War is China▪★▪=. Just a few days ago, Trump was still proudly said: When a country (US) is almost in terms of trade in each country, there is a hundred billion dollars▲◁■, and the trade war is good, and it is easy to win. For example, when we and a countrys trade deficit is $ 100 billion▼▷, and the other party is playing, then stop trade – we will win a lot. this is very simple!

Original title: Vice Mayors unannounced visit to discovering that the staff of the convenience center workers listened to the songs, the source of the song: Fuzhou released recently▪▲…•, Fuzhou peoples circle of friends was such a video brush screen (Jiangxi Fuzhou) Deputy Mayor, Jinxi County Party Secretary Wang Chengbing Association visits because a unit of staff members have been resigned in the window of the window, and the day is coming! – Jinxi County assault unannounced visit to rectify the five major style ills of the “first shot●★●■” “Are you a staff member? So you are working, still doing? How can you take a headset? Work card is not worn★•…=?” A few days ago▲▼, a deputy mayor•●●☆, Jinxi County Party Secretary Wang Chengbing led the county committee supervision team in the Xiulu Town Convenience Service Center, the small video of the cadres in the WeChat group, the circle of friends was greatly affected by the local cadr.