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[collagen drink]Original title: Teresa delegates suggested that the establishment of a specialized agency assessing whether the legal policy is a good law, in addition to the content…▲, the form is in line with the requirements of the good law, whether it is equivalent to fairness and justice, including men and women equality values, in the country Delegation of the National Womens Federation◆◆▼□, the Vice President of the National Womens Federation, this is a very important question that needs to be examined•▼. According to the representatives of the China National Peoples Family, Teresas representative submitted a “proposal to establish legal policy gender equality assessment mechanism”, it is recommended to form a specialized agency to carry out gender equality of legal policy development▼●, implementation and effect. Evaluation. The ▽■△”proposal” said that the legal policy gender equality assessment mechanism is a specialized agency composed of relevant personnel with gender equality, according to the price of men and wom.

Xinhua News Agency, May 27th: From “The Lands of Jumei” to “People●▼” – On the occasion of the partys 100 years, the Shanghai Liberation Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Wei Xiao Chunfei Yuan Quan 1949 May 25▽▪, Nanjing Road Yongan At the top floor of the company, the flagpole of the red flag has just been raised by the Kuomintang to defend the gun. Underground Party Member Le Junyan immediately climbed the pavilion•…▷★, tied himself with the flagpole with the belt, and took two hands and hung up red flag. This is the first red flag that rises in Shanghai. After 2 days, Shanghai is liberated■=▽. It is created from the Chinese Communist Party in this secret, and has been 28 years. -◇◆”Hundred Years of Histor?

Original title: Central Meteorological Observatory issued sandstorm blue early warning Central Meteorological Observatory issued sandstorm blue warning=◁, expect 8 pm to tomorrow evening, affected by wind weather, central and southeastern Inner Mongolia▲•-, Northern Liaoning, Western Jilin◁■=, Southern Heilongjiang West, Some areas of Xinjiang Southjiang Basin have sands or floating weather☆…, including central and southeastern inner Mongolia, northwestern Liaoning◆○■, western Jilin▪■, etc., and people who remind people in the relevant regions pay attention to windproof sand. (CCTV reporter Renmei) Responsible Editor: Guoqia.