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Pure collagen.[protein energy drink industry]Original title: Japan wants to add Diaoyu Island in high school education to respond to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs★…•, March 6, presided over the routine reporter and answer reporters. Q☆▪■: According to reports, the Japanese Ministry of Education has recently announced the high school learning guidelines to be revised. It is required to join the Diaoyu Islands in high school students in Japans “inherent territory”▷…, there is no territorial dispute. What is the comment on this? A: The Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islands have been in the natural territory of China since ancient times, and the determination and will of Chinas maintenance territorial sovereignty. Regardless of what the day is saying, what to do▪★, cant change the fact that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China. We solemnly urge the Japanese square history and reality to avoid new interference to China-Japan relations with the correct history of history▽◇△○. Responsible Editor: Zha.

Long Triangle High Quality Integrated Development 丨 Jiangsu Wuxi: Break the regional barrier=○■, the long triangle integrated release peoples live bonus life in the long run? What kind of experience? At the beginning of this year, Chen Wen□○▷, the Chinese Academy of Sciences△▼…◇, Nanjing Geography and Lake Research Institute, in the liberation date, perhaps a lot of “long tripans”, we can quickly, convenient▷▲, comfortable to go to the big city, small and medium cities and villages, Go to the Shanghai Bund to see Huangpu River=▷•, go to Nanjing Xuanwu Lake View Day, go to Hangzhou West Lake, go to the sea, the sea is blowing sea wind, go to the hillside lakeside town small towns▷★, small towns◇=, small residents … Beautiful life picture, just slowly. In the long triangle integration▪■□, it has risen to the national strategy, people in Wu.

Original title☆△◇•: The National Peoples Congress representative Liu Xiaobing••◆…: Calls for the development of the financial law as soon as possible=▲◇: Legal Evening Newspaper Haika Bureau WeChat Legal Evening News · View (Reporter Li Hongpeng) Governments money spent, how to spend▷•? In the past 10 years, how does Chinas financial transparency change? How do you improve the transparency of government fiscal? A few days ago, the Legal Evening News · View Journalists interviewed the National Peoples Congress▲△•=, the 13th Central Committee of the Peoples Republic of China☆○, the famous financial and economist○★□☆, the president of the School of Public Economics and Management◆•▲, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Liu Xiaobing. A representative of Liu Xiaobing, who has written ▽◆•▷”Provincial Financial Transparent Report☆…◁” has been put out that transparency has increased from 22% to 43%, and they have been doubled☆□▽, and it is quite large◆△□, and there is also a large improvement space. As a representative of the newly elected National Peoples Congress▪▪◇▽, he calls for financial development as soon as possib▪■.

Xinhua News Agency Qingdao March 21: Chinas first in the Antarctic in Antarctic coexistence – “Xiangyang Red 01=◇●” ship first Antarctic examination review Xinhua News Agency Zhang Xudong reporter recently interviewed “Xiangyang Red 01▪△•” ship first Antarctic When the examination team◁◆●, “Xiangyang Red 01” boat has carried out the physics ocean and meteorological△★◁▲, marine geology, marine geochemistry△★, seabard terrain and mapping, marine chemistry and seafood. Six university sects of biological ecology and marine environmental hotspots have been investigated in the field of Feng Shuo•□△▪, especially in the world, the first discovery of submarine hot fluid and cold springs. For the first time, submarine hot fluids and cold springs were found and survived with the ship leaders▽◇▽. Li Tiegang, director of the First Ocean Institute of the National Oceanic Administration, “Xiangyang Red ! halal pectine fish gelatin in candy

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