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[protein industry uk]Original title: Multiple departments have attracted nights in night, these black-hearted companies ▪•…☆”blacklist”▼◆! This is 3★★▪○.15 speed rio verde industria de gorduras e proteinas ltda ballistic gelatin recipe! Yesterday, CCTV “3 · 15” party was hit, exposed the five major industries! Once the program was broadcast, the law enforcement department of the local law enforcement was hit, and the company was tracked in the night. Up to now, a number of companies have been discontinued, once verified, will be included in the industry “blacklist” set by the National Ministerial Committee gelatin com! The Ministry of Transport responds to road marking wire cut: Problem Enterprises will enter the blacklist yesterday, the “3 · 15” party reported that there were quality problems in the road reflective lines in some areas…◇. In this regard▽●◁▪, the Ministry of Transport shall○▪, the Ministry of Transport◆…▷, the first time to supervise the group, go straight to Wuhan, conduct a field investigation on the local anti-light road marking, and it will actively take measures for related issues, and urge rectificatio proteins used in food industry◁▽!

National website has more than 2,000 websites△■. There are only 170 normal use▽◆▪•, 8 percent of the usage rate. March 12th, the National Peoples Congress◁■…, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan Unicom, General Manager Tang Yongbo, a guest -★, Talk about the problem of rural informationization△☆▲, he said “It is not enough to promote the top floor design=…□★.” Tang Yongbo made recommendations on behalf of the two sessions: “Building a national intensive information platform and help rural resolution.” The two words are the core of Tang Yongbos idea. “Rural information platform, now all departments in various industries are built in tubes, there are agricultural skills, and there are homesteads■•◇, there are poverty alleviation. Government multi-tubes▷-, corporate cant keep up, villagers feel bad. Is now rural areas Several problems in information construction▽☆.!

Original title: Sun Zhigang: Come to revitalize the rural economy profound industry Revolution Source=▽•▽: Today, Guizhou News Client has revolutionized the profound industrial revolution to revitalize the rural economy, which is not only related to 2○-▽.8 million poor people, but also related to 20 million peasants in Guizhou. The fundamental goal of well-off. On March 8th◁…◇=, Sun Zhigang, the opening day of the National Peoples Congress, the National Peoples Congress○△○☆, the director of the National Peoples Congress, the Secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, and the Director of the Provincial Peoples Congress★•, said that it is not possible to solve a series of Guizhou offensive. Question••…●, you must take super regular, revolutionary means. Sun Zhigang said that Guizhou is the main battlefield of the country•▷■, Guizhou is playing a key to infrastructure construction■□-, easy to poverty alleviation, industrial poverty alleviation, and education medical housing □•▷●”three guarantee.