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[animal protein producers industry appi]Original title■▲=○: The United Nations High Commissioner: If Israel has an arbitrarily attack civilian and civil facilities or constitutes the local time of war, the United Nations High Commissioner Bachelet is said in Geneva, May 10, Israel and Palestinian Armed Forces Group conflicts continue to upgrade. According to United Nations statistics, the Israeli Security Force has killed 242 Palestinians in the attack on Gaza Strips, including 63 children. It is estimated that about 74,000 Palestinians are displaced, thousands of people are injured. Bacherlet indicates that the conflict upgrade is directly related to the strong reaction of the Israeli security force. The conflict first occurs in East Jerusale•△■!

Xinhua News Agency on May 27 (Reporter Shang Xu) On May 29th◇☆, the United Nations Secretary-General◁☆▪, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Secretary of the United Nations Gurdres…▲■•, in New York••, the United Nations Headquarters, to the peacekeeper, to the peacekeeper, remember Since 1948, more than 4◁▪-,000 peacekeepers who have lost their jobs in the United Nations peacekeeping operations. Due to the influence of new crown epidemics, the coil plays only Gutrez is attended. Gutres then hosted the video of the video△◁, 129 peacekeepers who were derelicted from January 2021★-□□, 2020 and 2021. Gutrez said in the Yunxun ceremony, United Nations peacekeepers face great challenges, they struggle every da.

Zhongxin Net Hefei May 28 (Reporter Zhang Qiang) Why is the nucleic acid detection of the nucleic acid? Why is there a new case or asymptomatic infection? In this regard, Wang Wei, deputy mayor of Luan City, Anhui Province, responded to the press conference held in the Office of the New Corpneum Pneumonia Fancy Office in Anhui Province on the 28th. Wang Hao said: “The whole nuclei detection we now refers to the Six▼•★, surrounding township, and all residents of the key area, excluding the key population of centralized isolation points, sealing management grid units and other places. This part of the key crowd testing time◆••▷, the number-▽◆, etc●-◇., because this part of the crowd is a crowd of the focus of our focus. “Wang Wei introduce. protein engineering for industrial biotechnology gelatin from horsesPure collagen Peptone for antibiotics porcine gelatin,