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Gelatin capsule![chicken sternal cartlidge type ii collagen supplements]Original title: Tan Min, Deputy Director of the Central Avenue: The army of the army should brave “the main battle”◆●□, the argument-▷☆●, the central military video screenshot of the central army▽▼. The representative of the deputy demand▼★☆□, said that he is separated from the old military system system, adapting to a new aquarium system, the first thing is to change the old concept and establish a new idea. For the main responsibilities of the army of the army new style, Tan Min representative summarizes four major aspects•=▪◇: the main responsibilities, combat joint training…◆, victory, winning▼•▲…, compensation◆-▼. 01 The main battle area is a joint operational command agency★■•■. Its main function is the main battle, the main battle is the responsibility, the concept of the responsiben is to actively take the initiative▪◇■, to dare to take the risk, to meet the test, to play Win the war and fulfill your missio.

Original title-●▼: Industry insiders disclose a rides, safety•□○, maintenance, interims★…, hidden dangers, interim, hidden dangers, 3 April▽☆◇, 15…○▼:10, Xuchang City▽◁◇▲, Henan Province, Xuchang City, Xihu Park…-★◁, the accident, a man is playing “Flying Eagle” play facilities Due to the safe lock▽-=□, the high-altitude falls, and the hospital is invalid. This matter has attracted the attention of the safety of rides. □ Our reporter Zhao Li will every holiday, many people will choose to play to play, experience rides◆▽▷△, enjoy happiness. However, the protection measures are not in place◆◁, the professional management is lacking★☆□○, and the quality of the facilities is not necessarily increased, and the safety hazards in the playground have increased★▲, and it is possible to cause accidents. What is the status quo of playing safety management? The □▽”Legal Daily” reporter conducted an investigation…△. Touri=-▪.

Original title: 2018 National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Liu Yucong: Medical Reform is facing the three difficulties National Committee, the Ministry of Education Liu Liimin. Beijing News reporter Tao Yuxi Xin Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Wei) Today (March 10)◇▪••, the third reporter of the 13th National Conference of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference will be held in the center of Madia. Member of the National Committee of China△◇●, Liu Yusun▷◁★■, deputy secretary of Peking University Party Committee, in response to reporters, said that the medical and health system reform faced three difficulties. The first is the contradiction between finish financial input and growing diversified demand★•. Liu Yu Village believes that the economic problem is not enough for medical problems☆◁○. How much is a person from school to college graduation◇○■, there is a basic standard that can be calculated. But medical care is a bottomless-•, the same disease may spend a lot of mone?

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