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[gelatin manufacturing equipment]Original title: Today, Todays Peoples Military Machine has traveled to “surveillance” [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] Taimei on March 26, the Taiwan Army issued a press release at 13…★•:30 at noon on the 26th, and the Peoples Liberation Army dispatched Su – 30, Yun 8•☆△, the Swong 6th Military Machine Multi-frame Executive Yuanhai Longhang Training=●▽, Flying Trades Flying to the West Pacific, fly back to the station■▪★. The Taiwan Defense Department said that the Taiwan army shall, according to the “Taojun s frequent conditional disposal” dispatch machine, the ship “strictly invigorate and respond”☆•, ensuring Taiwan safety□-★☆, please rest assured. China Air Force spokesperson released news on March 25th, China Air Force recently aroused – 6k, Su-30 and other multi-fashion machine flying over the palace ancient strait▽◇◇, Cheng Xi Pacific, the Pacific◆△, carrying out the actual military milita◇▷-•.

Original title: After 3 years, the successor is also found on May 25th★■, the Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission issued news: Guangming Food (Group) Co., Ltd…☆. Secretary, Chairman Lu Yongjie is suspected of serious violations, current The Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission is accepting the discipline review and supervision survey●◇. “Government•◇=” (WeChat ID: XJBZSE) noted that born in November 1956, 62 years old Lu Yongjie, retired for two and a half years-□●-. According to public information, Lu Yongjie is Zhejiang Fenghua people○-☆◆. It is an old “Guangming” person. In the early years, he serves as Chairman, general manager•=◁○, chairman▷◁, general manager▲=△, general manager and light industry holding (group) company party committee■▽◆…. Deputy Secretary, President, Chairman. Among them…■■, Merlin Shares were listed companies from the Life Group. After that, he le.

Original title: More than 100◇☆△▪,000 people listed in last year, “Blacklisted★•”, 945 incidents□△, 945 incidental brokers included in the business unusual list○□-, 65 companies listed as major tax illegal cases, more than 100,000 The person is included in the faction of the executor “blacklist” … Yesterday◆★▲▽, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce issued the “Report of Beijing Consumer Rights Protection” and disclosed related numbers. The credit information daily queries reached 1▲▽★•.6 million times according to the “Report”=□▽□, relying on Beijing Enterprise Credit Information Network integration, publicity enterprise registration information, supervision information◆-=, credit information=■, etc▽-□., information return is more than 92 million, and the public inquiry The amount is nearly 400 million, and the average daily query is 1.6 million☆-▪. At present, the credit information is handling tax, social security, provident fund, and passenger car?

Original title: Zhejiang Provincial Supervision Committee Exploring the Road of Self-supervision to the cage in the cage with the spring breeze of the national monitoring system reform pilot, Zhejiang Province achieves full coverage of all public officials of all exercise public powers. Before the reform•…•, the provinces administrative supervision target was 383,000-▪●●; the inspection of the supervision after reform was 701,000. However, the greater the power, the greater the risk▼▽☆. Supervise, survey, disposal ▽★□… How to take a sacred mission given by three functions? How can I have a good idea in the process of exercising the right□=? Do a good job in internal supervision and constraints, is imminent. “Trust can not replace supervision■•, any power must be run in the cage of the system. Zhejiang is in the process of promoting the reform of the reform=•, and has always put the supervision of the supervisory committee in the prominent position. In the institutional setting=◁▲☆, business operati■★••.