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[gelatin usp grade]China Xinwang on May 28•…, according to the website of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa, recently△•◆○, the Embassy in South Africa received a number of overseas Chinese reflected, and the lawless elements were used to use the Chinese Embassy in South Africa•▪▷, defrauded the so-called “domestic vaccine”★•◁●, and High fees are charged○•■. The Embassy is now statement that the Chinese residents in South Africa have never authorized anyone□○, institutions release such information or organize related vaccination activities★▲■, please do not believe in the scams and vaccinate through regular channels. The Embassy in South Africa attaches great importance to the health and safety of the South China citizens, and has been actively promoting the Central and South vaccine cooperation. At present○☆■▲, South African New Crown Vaccination Registration System (!

Original title□◇▪: my countrys heavy rocket 500-ton engine prototype admitted to a new news report☆-=□, Beijing March 4 (Reporter Fu Yifei) reporter learned from China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Sixth Hospital, my country is targeting Heavy rockets of three liquid engines are carrying out key technical research and program deepening demonstration●▼, and have completed multi-wheel core components and component-level combined heat tests. Among them▽◆, the 500-ton engine in 2018 can complete the machine production and assembly of the engineering prototype. Liu Zhi, a representative of the National Peoples Congress, and Liu Zhi, the Sixth Hospital, introduced the scientific reporter, and the three new liquid rocket engines that recommend heavy-duty launch rockets are 500 tons of liquid oxygen kerosene engines, 200 tons and 25-ton liquid oxygen hydrogen engine…▪●, respectively○◇□▪, respectively. Used as a heavy rocket level, second a.

[Peoples micro-evaluation: I cant just see the value of value] ◆▪▽•”Surgery” supervision▼△▼•, “Todays headline” is then the headline▷○•. If you pursue explosive models, you dont remove the “blasting point▲▪▷” that triggered the crisis; if you greed○▽▪, you should ignore the failure of the ○▪”brake” function△■; if you dont have value, you dont have values, you will inevitably do things▼▼…. The product cannot be a slave to the algorithm. Related News: Radio, Film and Television Administration: Deliberate the headlines of todays headlines and other product responsibility editor: Liu Guang.

Original title: Australian Summit Cage ASEAN Tri Country creates a strategic alliance to deal with China? [Global Times◇△, Australian Speaker Li Feng] Australia-ASEAN Summit ended in Sydney on the 18th-●, which is the second summit since 2016▽•, and the first meeting of Australias leaders in ASEAN□▽★. In addition to the Philippine President Dutter, the leaders of the other nine countries of ASEAN were all arrived. The ▼■-◆”Sydney Declaration” mentioned in the meeting refers to the South China Sea issue◁△▼, and the relevant parties have called for “comprehensive implementation of the South Sea Code of Conduct”, ◁…★△”emphasizing the importance of non-militaryization, emphasizing the need to improve mutual trust and confidence, keep restraint when carrying out activities Avoid action that may make the situation in the situation. •▼” It is reported that Australia has set up a leader to collectively meet, industry and commerce conferences, and anti-terrorism conference. soy protein industry human gelatinPectin manufacturer.

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