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[industrial products of protein engineering pdf]Original title: This major diplomatic activity, why choose to Qingdao△▼◇? Take the stack bridge and Qingdao Bay on May 4☆•▲, 2018. Xinhua News Agency reporter Guo Xu Lei took the first head of state council after the expansion of Shanghai cooperation organization, will be held in Qingdao from 9th to 10th. Why is the event to address Qingdao-▲? This international sailing and hackers have any stories that have to be said■△? “Bihai Blue Sky” and “Green Tree Red Wat” are interspersed here – a song called ◆◁”Qingdao▲◆”, recently spreads many peoples friends circle■▷▪◇. In the lyrics: red tile green trees, blue sea blue sky is the eternal symbol, the beautiful coastline puts happiness★•……. This is the true portrayal of Qingdao. The corner of the Qingdao Old Town…◇△, which was taken on May 3, 2018◆◇★. Xinhua News Agency, Li Ziheng☆◇, photographed in the famous ▽●★”Kong Mengzhi Township” Shandong, Qingd▲○.

Original title: “Media Brain” takes you to understand the draft supervision law and the National Institutional Reform Plan on March 13th, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the fourth plenary meeting, listening to the statement on the draft monitoring law, regarding the State Council Description of the reform plan. “Media Brain” is focused on the two sessions▷●◇, explaining data stories. “Media Brain” retrieves keywords that the draft monitoring will appear in the news heading in the news heading on June 23, 2017★▽◁, the highest reprint is the “National Peoples Congress Standing Committee for the first review of the law”. ” On November 7, the same year•○, the draft monitoring law was first announced in the China Peoples Congress and disclosed to the society◆○☆. On December 22nd, the Third National Standing Committee of the 12th National Peoples Congre……●★.

Original title: CPPCC, Huo Weiping☆▽◇: It is recommended to implement “Nanshui North Running West Line Project○■▷” to implement the southern water and north-rising West Line project not only improve the ecological environment of Gansu★•◆, Xinjiang▽=◆, Inner Mongolia, etc★▼. Poverty poverty management, and can improve the infrastructure conditions such as traffic, energy, communications along the line◆□▼□, and promote the construction of and all the way. “Huo Weiping Committee recommended to implement” Nanshi North Running West Line Engineering “as soon as possible◁◁☆. Member of Huo Wei Ping said that the east and mid-water transfer projects in my country■○▷-, “South Water North Tour•●▪” planned, and it has been completed and put into operation☆•, which greatly promotes the rapid development of economic and social in Beijing▼•, Tianjin and the water. The ecological location in the northwest is important△●. If the Tongtian River is transferred into the Yellow River-▽, then part of the introduction of the Hexi corridor can be reduc.

Original title: Zhang Ning hangs the Standing Committee of Xuancheng Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor (Figure Resume) On April 27•=•-, the Ninth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 4th Peoples Congress of Anhui Xuancheng City…◁, decided to appoint: Zhang Ning is the peoples government of Xuancheng City vice-mayor. According to the information on the official website of Xuancheng City, Zhang Ning has been held by the member of the Standing Committee of Xuancheng Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government Party Group (time two years)▷▼▪. According to the China Economic Network Leading Peoples Library, Zhang Ning, born in January 1970△★, which was previously served as deputy director of the State Peoples Committee and the deputy secretary of the party committee. Zhangning Xuancheng Peoples Government Website Damage Zhang Ning resume Zhang Ning, male, Hui nationality, born in January 1970•▽, Qinghai Xining, in October 1993●▲▷•, July 1994 participated in the work, the Law of the Central University for Nationaliti.