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[proteins in the food industry]Original title△•□◆: Heilongjiang Province livestock and poultry pollution supervision is weak, the leading enterprise environmental illegal violations are seriously central third environmental inspectors to the Heilongjiang Province to carry out inspections “look back•▼-■”■■…, and coordinate special inspections of agricultural rural pollution control. Inspections, in recent years, the livestock and poultry farm in Heilongjiang has developed rapidly, but the corresponding regulatory mechanism is not in place◁▷, environmental pollution and risk highlight•…●△. I▼△. Jikou Enterprise Pollution, Zhaodong City, is serious, Jiangxi Zhengbang Group is a large-scale farming enterprise based on pig pigs▲…△. In recent years, according to the policy of vigorously developing animal husbandry industries in Heilongjiang Province, it has launched millions of pig industrialization projects in the county and cities such as Qinggang, Bayan…★▽, Fuyu and other counties. According to the masses report▷▲■…, on June 10, the Inspector Team was examined for the companys two annual live pig farms in the year of Jidong Cit?

China New Network May 27th According to the Russian Satellite Network●▲, the First Deputy Director of the Russian Federal Security Bureau, the Federal Security Bureau Border Defense Bureau Director Vladimir Kulu, said Russia is strengthening the land border with Ukraine. Protection to deal with unfriendly behavior from Ukraine. According to reports, Kulusa pointed out that “considering the development of the situation in this direction, and Ukraines unfamiliar behavior of Russia, we are adopting appropriate measures to strengthen the protection of national borders, and enhance technology equipment according to plan◇★●. ☆◁◁…”Cuulusafu added:” At present=…★, my countrys border guard has completed the border task of defending national border in the case of deterioration in peacetime and situatio.

Original title: The Sino-Central Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspector Source: Changan Street, the latest news, the 19th Central Commission for Disciplinellis Commission, Zhou Xiaoying▲•▷, has been served as the Ministry of Commission for Discipline Inspection and Central Committee. Previously, she served as the head of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Ministry of Civil Affairs Commission for disciplinary examination group, and was removed at the end of July▲••-. Zhou Xiaoying Zhou Xiaoying was born in December 1960, Yaoan, Yunnan, 15 years old to Qinghai to see you▽▼-, after studying in the plateau, working for 33 years, served as deputy secretary of the Xining Municipal Committee, Deputy Minister of Organization Organization, Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection secretary▽●. In 2008, Zhou Xiaoying came to Beijing, and the companys head of the New Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Group was clearly the principal level□▼★. During the highest level of work, Zhou Xiaoying participated in the establishment of the organization of the organization of personnel and discipline inspection and supervision department○●.Contacts collagen gummies Gelatin for Soft capsule and hard capsule use,