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Pectin manufacturer animal glue gelatin powder what kind of fish is used in collagen peptide,[Chicken collagen type II]Original title▷◆◁=: Beijing Mingqi concentrated on the Qingming funeral law enforcement Xinyang News (Reporter Wu Xi) reporter learned from the Municipal Peoples Law Enforcement Brigade on March 26th that from tomorrow◆☆▽▼, from April 10, the city will focus on joint law enforcement during the Qingming period Funeral preparations such as funeral homes, Taiping, business cemetery will become a law enforcement examination. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Peoples Law Enforcement Brigade▲★, the Municipal Peoples Law Enforcement Brigade will link with the relevant departments of public security, industrial and commercial, traffic control, urban management◁▷, and the reform committees, launched law enforcement inspections on the 16-zone funeral unit▲◆▷, for the funeral home, the mortuary, business type cemetery, public welfare Funeral units such as cemetery conduct inspections and special assaults□◆••. Checking the key points include whether the service charges for the funeral service unit meet the standard, whether or not there is a non-organized behavior, the funeral ho•▪▪.

Centennial Party History in the literature served in Chinas first national work▼◇, the first national work, the establishment of 1931, 98, the beginning of the Chinese peoples anti-Japanese war◇▽○▷. The unyielding part of the Chinese people unveil the prelude of the Worlds anti-fascist war•●◆▪. In November, the first National Congress of China Soviet Conference was held in Yinping, Ruijin, which announced the first central red regime with the leadership of the Chinese Soviet, the establishment of the provisional central government of the Chinese Soviet Republic. On September 18, 1931■▲○…, the Japanese Kanto Army broke the road from the south of Shenyang, the south of Shenyang, and the Chinese army is, and this is an excuse, suddenly attacking Chin.

China Xinwang Xian May 27 (Reporter Alena) reporter learned from the Giant Panda National Park Shaanxi Provincial Administration-▪, recently=□△▲, recently★▽▷◁, the giant panda national park Week to manage branch staff in the collection of wildlife to monitor infrared When the camera is taken, the accidental discovery of the image information of the wild brown giant panda, which is the first shooting of the wild brown giant panda for the first time, so far, the 10th time of Qinling found wild brown giant panda traces▷●. Shaanxi reproduces wild brown giant panda-☆. The Giant Panda National Park Shaanxi Provincial Administration is desirable. On April 16 this year, Zhou Zhi Management Branch layered near the mouth of the old town Tar River▪■, altitude 2088 mete.

Xinhua News Agency○-△☆, March 19 (Reporter Hu Wei) Reporter learned from China Aerospace Technology Group Co., Ltd. in the evening of the 19th that my country will implement the first flight task of the Rockets of Long March 5th before and after June 2019. Long March 5 B carrier is grasped by the Aerospace Science and Technology Group, based on Long March 5 technology, specifically used to implement the launch task of the manned space station▼■, and transfer to the sample stage in the near future▽●□•. The third step of my countrys Manned Space Project is the spatial station project•◁•. This year is the key year of the third step. It is a long-term No. 5 B carrying rocket developed by the space station task. Hand in casing and hatching, related large terrestrial joint tests are gradually launched. According to reports☆○, the Long March 5 B carrier rocket is my country is currently being developed•◁☆○, near-territo.