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[3.5 chameleon handbook]Original title: Central Bank Report: 48.2% of residents expects the price “basics” New Beijing News China New Beijing News (Reporter Di Di) Central Bank today released ◆☆…”Investigation Report of the First Quarter Town Savings in 2018■○▽” (The “Report”) shows that the lower quarter, 31.4% of residents expect “rising”, 48.2% of residents expect “basically unchanged”, 9.9% of residents expect “decline”, 10.5% residents ” quasi”. In contrast the survey of the previous quarter•◁, the expected residents have declined slightly from the previous season (32.0%), and the “basic unchanged□▲” residents have risen slightly from the previous season (48%)△○, and the residents expected “decline” residents The season (9.3%) has risen▷▽•●. According to the central banks official website■…□, the Peoples Bank of Chi•=-.

Peoples Forum Network Review With the network as the media, sing “new development concept” Good voice on May 27th•○, hosted by the Central News Network Communications Bureau, Shandong Provincial Committee Network Office, Hebei Provincial Party Network Network Office, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee Network Office, Jilin Provincial Party Network Network Office, Henan Provincial Party Network Network Office, Sichuan Provincial Party Network Network Office■◇◁…, Qinghai Provincial Party Committee Network Network Office, Qinghai Provincial Party Network Web Office and China Economic Network The initial promotion ceremony of the theme is held in Jinan, Shandong, China. The event passed organizing online media online propaganda reports○★■△, in-depth development of new development stages★○▪, implement new development concepts▪○•, and build new development patterns▷▼◁◆, promoting high quality developme.

Original title British Media○▽•: Shanghai Hotel is a tricks of the indoor air than the room 10 times the reference news network on March 28•★▷, the new media said that the newly opened Condi hotel appearance is luxurious, it seems to have no other high-end hotels in Shanghai. Different, there is a pool, huge ballroom and a high-end spa in the hotel. However●▪★, it is most proud of having a very rare in Chinas big cities=◇□: clean indoor air. According to the British “Guardian◆◇” website reported on March 27, thousands of hotels in this super big city were not high, which means that in order to attract customers, the hotel needs to provide more luxurious while reducing prices△◁▲. special service▪☆◆. In PM2.5▼•, it is often more than such a city in Beijing, and this luxury hotel has come to a new idea. Report th•▪.

(Times) Huang Kunming Attends the National Broadcasting and Television Administration▷◆, the National Press and Publication Office (National Copyright Administration) and the National Film Bureau unveiling ceremony and convene a symposium emphasis on the reform of the reform of the reform, the new energy▲◇◁•, the new energy, the new energy◆★-, new energy, New China■▲◁□, Beijing April 16 On April 16●…△, the Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee▪☆, the minister of the Central Propaganda Department▷▽, attended the National Radio and Television Administration, the National Press and Publishing Department (National Copyright Administration) and the National Film Bureau unveiled ceremony and held a symposium, stressed to adhere to Xi Jinpings new The socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics is guided by the guidance, earnestly unifying thoughts and actions to party central decision-making deployment▲▪, using the new achievements of institutional reforms◆■, and stimulate new energy of ideological and cultural work▷•. Huang Kunming pointed out that the Party Central Committee decided to manage the news publishing and movie workers in the central governme.

Original title: China is winning the pollution war in the United States: This is not a report, the report news network reported on the report▷=▽…. A study of American universities show that China is winning the war against air pollution. China has made so much progress▽-▼◆, making peoples expectations may prolong for more than two years. According to the AFP on March 13, a study issued by Chicagos March 12 shows that although in order to meet the national and international air quality standards, China has a long way to go◇▲▲□, but research shows “China is fighting Win pollution control war. ” According to the report, the analysis of daily data in Chinas 200 monitoring stations in China in 2017□■☆, in just four years, the average level of Chinas urban PM2▽•.5 fell by 32%. Such a c?