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[best gelatin supplement]China New Network issued the new crown virus nucleic acid positive from the imported sample of 1 batch of frozen South American white shrimps from Ecuador■○◇, announced in accordance with the General Administration of Customs 2020, 1033 Number•◁, the national customs will suspend Quali-Ecuador water product production enterprises Cultivo Y Exportacion Acuicola CEAEXPORT SA (registration number 7057) for 1 week●□☆. [Editor◇●◁: Zhang Yixi.

Original title: Tomorrow (March 5) Transportation Tips After the Lantern Festival, Dazhong Primary School was successively started, and the city traffic flow returned to normal level☆-…◁. Tomorrow (March 5) is Monday★-▲○, the motor vehicle tail number limit 5 and 0★□•●, early peak traffic pressure. It is expected that there are 7:15 to 8:30 pm▼▽□☆, the surrounding roads and the main node bridge areas, Changan Street and its extension lines, and the regional traffic flow of the northeastern region□☆▲. In Monday☆=, the public went to the hospital for medical treatment, Chongwenmen intersection, Xinjiekou Inner Street, Xi Second Ring Childrens Hospital, and the western four rings were easily congested. Monday morning and morning time▼●, North Fifth Ring Road, Beijing Expressway, East Second Ring Road, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Southeast Wuhuan◁▼=, Southeast Third Ring, Wahwei South Road☆□, Western Five Ring Road, Wuxi Roa□▲.

Original title: Shenzhen strictly tested small brothers 1 year illegal 3 times to be opened, the police are selling small brothers to the traffic safety education lesson. China News Agency, the boulder, Shenzhen Strictly, Takeaway Little Brother, 1 year, illegal 3 times to be opened to Shenzhen traffic police for takeaway distributor traffic violations launch “The most strict” new regulation in history; lawyers should look for ▷▲”balance points” in March On the 7th▼▷▽, the Shenzhen traffic police launched the “three-level punishment mechanism” for takeaway distributors, “three-level punishment mechanism” is known as ☆◆•”the most strict history”★▼●-. The Beijing News reporter learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau for the Bank Limit Power Office that from the day-▽▼, the takeaway distributors within Shenzhen, for the first time due to traffic violations▽□, the first time will be ◆△•▪”banned” one week, The second prolong is one month▪-, and the third time is punished, then the delivery platform will be dismisse•=◇●.