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[pectin gummy hydration]After eight years of the Provincial Party Committee◁=▲▪, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee returned to the host city, and the Jilin Provincial Party Secretary Baron Chao Dynasty once again came to Ningbo who had been hosting. On the afternoon of April 23, the Jilin Provincial Party and government delegation led by the Provincial Party Committee, Bayeao, the governor Jing Junhai led the Ningbo learning, and held Jilin Province-Ningbo City Exchange Cooperation and Promotion of Yanbei – Ningbo Poverty Alleviation Collaborative symposium•▼. At the meeting◆★▽●, as “the host” Ningbo Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zheng Gangjie specially mentioned that Bayin Chao Lu Shuji is Ningbos ◁▽”Elder Secretary◆◁▼”, in the past 7 years of Ningbo, walk through Ningbos mountain water, A deep friendship with the Ningbo cadres, made a very important contribution to the reform and development of Ningbo◁★. On April 23☆…■■, the Jilin Provincial Party and government delegation conducted a study in Ningbo○=▽. Source☆▲▷•: Jilin Dai○☆.

Original title: Participate in the national representative of the National Second Session a bit special: her painting is covered with the cover of the venue=▪△. The video production of Li Yuanli photography reports Ren Junjuns national two sessions this year◁△☆▪, there is a special representative of the National Peoples Congress▽=…. She is from Meishan City, Sichuan Province, she is called He Xuebin. In addition to conscientious performance…△, He Xuebin is still in the “passenger string”, and it is invited to introduce calligraphy works to other representatives – because of the participants in the venue every day, she hangs her painting★▲, from Sichuan delegation stationed hotels, to the people The contest hall, even at Tiananmen Town, I have also selected her work. Her work “participates in the” National Two Sessions “from Sichuans Jinsha River, Minjiang River, Dadu River, reopen Da Mei River○=▽, reflecting the political ecology of the wind and purity. You see◆◆, close, medi.

Original title: The State Council Security Committee implements the list of major production safety accidents in Zhangzhou City, “2 · 20◁▽☆” major road traffic accident investigation and supervision of the supervision of the supervision of the supervision and supervision of the supervision and supervision of the supervision of the supervision of the Jiangxi Provincial Peoples Government: According to the State Council Notice on Strengthening Enterprise Safety Production Work (Guofa [2010] No. 23) and the relevant provisions of the □☆◇◇”Measures for the Administration of Major Accidents▽◆▷” (Security Committee [2010] No…◇. 6), the State Council Security Committee decided to •★•”Zhangzhou City◆★” 2 · 20 “Major Road Traffic Accident Investigation Implementation Listing Supervision. You must organize relevant departments to conduct accident surveys in accordance with relevant laws□◆, regulations and regulations such as the “Regulations on Production Safety Accident Report and Survey◆▷-□” (State Council Order No. 493.