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[proteínas en la industria alimentaria pdf]Original title: Dynasty, Korea◇●○…, Dynasty, Successful Contact China: I am glad that the next step in the United States is the key [Global Times – Global Network Reporting Reporter Guo Fang] According to reports●○…, the DPRK, the United States, the United States-△-★, the parties, the political solution of the peninsula Active progress. Dynastipan and South Korea have achieved a number of consensus on the specific implementation of the △▲●”Directory Declaration”▪△, set up a common contact firm and held military, sports and red cross talks. Jin Yingzhe, deputy chairman of the North Korean Labor Party Central Committee, ended its visit, and US President Trump said that the leaders of the United States will be held as scheduled. At the 4th, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Hua Chunying said that the situation in the Korean peninsula has further slowdown in the recent future, and has made positive progress in the development of Korean relations and the United States dialogue. China is happy☆=▷□. tab.

Original title★▲●■: Hunan Radio and Television Party Committee△△…, Vice-Party General Luo Yi▽◇, sentenced corruption○▷, accepting bribery than 200 million sentenced 5 years 6 months Hunan Daily New Hunan Client June 1 news, Today, Yongzhou Zhongyuan is in Hunan The original party committee of the radio and television station, the director of the authorities and the director of the operation and industry management committee (deputy department) Luo Yi corruption, the first instance of accepting bribes, the defendant Luo Yi sentenced a sentence in prison for the crime of corruption three years, and punished The gold RMB is 300…◆,000; sentenced to three years in prison for accepting bribes, and punished the RMB 300,000, decided to implement five years in prison for five years, and penalized a penalty of $ 60•-●◆,000, for its corruption And the property of accepting bribes will be recovered○★. Luo Yi said in court after the pronunciation, he sincerely pleaded guilty, repentance◆☆, and accepted the courts judgmen!

Original title•▼…◁: Hong Kongs surprise●●■•, Japanese army grenaders, police bombing experts, detonated bombers, will detonate shells•□, small maps are the shells after detonation (Figure●•: Hong Kong Media) Overseas Network April 5, Hong Kong reproduces the Japanese army Grencho bovine collagen powder peptone for feed gelatin capsules for liquid vegan collagen peptides! According to Hong Kong media news, Hong Kong Island Datan Tang Dao Yabo Garden closed the tower of the big chamber☆▷▲, 2 oclock in the afternoon☆○, foreign “bomb hunter” Edward (Edward▽•, 25 years old) using a metal detector, at the site hillside When the detection is performed, it is found that there is a suspected bomb object and then alarm. The police reported the blocked live survey◁•★•, and the explosive product treatment class (EOD) was present•……☆, and the firefighting also was also in the game-•. The shell is detonated. (Figure: Hong Kong media) bombing experts have been examined▷◇◁▷, I believe it is a two-day Japanese army to occupy the grenades, and about 20 ◁★□.

Original title: Cui Yongyuan…•●○: Detail of coordination and evidence from the competent department, will have a message on 6:00 pm on June 3…★, and the Daily Economic News is once again dialing Cui Yongyuans phone. Cui Yongyuan said in an interview with the “Daily Economic News…△” reporter, now he is coordinating with the competent department-△=, how to meet, how to give evidence. •■☆”You wait=○, almost a week will have news.” “◁▲▼” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” ☆…”☆▷” “” “” “” “” “” ○▲-★”” “□☆▪” “” •■”” ▪•■•”” “” “” “” “▽▲▲” “” “” ◁■”” “” ◇□=”” =▲▲☆”” ▼◆◁▽”” “▪▷” “●▲■▲” ▲=▪”▽=” •△”” “” ▼☆☆”” ☆○☆-” Cui Yongyuan told the reporter of Daily Economic News, ◇□◇…”I have never thought about it•…□. Who knows how this is ignited.” Click to enter the topic: Focus △●•◁”Fan Bingbi?Pure collagen.