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[bovine collagen manufacturers]China New Network May 28th Comprehensive report, Ruian Airlines passenger aircraft in Belarus, after the “landing” incident, US European “siege” Belarus is proposed to impose sanctions■=◇. Bai Russia emphasizes its actions in accordance with international standards●•△△. The International Civil Aviation Organization Council said on the 27th that this incident will be conducted…▷. [Multi-country “besieged” Belarus] 23rd, Ireland Ruian Airlines officers descended in the White capital Minsk International Airport due to bombs■◇…. Belarus then arrested an opposition to a discord. The aircraft was examined and did not find an explosive device, followed by re-off and landed in Destination Vilnius●▷. After the opportunity forced to drop▷★■, Europe and the United States multi-country ▲△”strong condemnatio.

Original title: Shanghai Public Security Bureau▼○: At this stage▽▲•★, Shanghai Public Security Organs issued the “Shanghai Socialist Household Account Management Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as ○☆○◁”provisions” in the Municipal Public Security Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “provisions” in China. In recent times, everyone is very concerned about “provisions□••▷”, participation is high, for example, some of the “provisions” have an effective implementation of good comments, some of the provisions, how to understand some provisions doubt■•◁★. This is the embodiment of Chinas rule of law and the support of everyones work●▷. Through sorting, the main problems of everyone=-•, including housing transactions, the household account refuses to move, what materials need to be provided to the police station; the police station issues a personal account card for the community public account personnel, what is the use of personal account card△◇, etc. Everyone pays attention to “provision▼•.

At the China Space Conference held on April 24◆○★★, the report of the Chinese new type recycling rocket was announced in the report of the Chinese Aeritachus. This launch rocket developed on the basis of “Long March 8”-▼△, which uses a childs overall vertical anti-push recovery=▲•◇. This kind of recovery method is similar to the US “Falcon” series launch rocket, which can realize reuse of rocket components, effectively reduce costs. After the “Long March 8” rocket used the recycling technology, its launch quotes will further reduce, which is conducive to the competition for international commercial satellite launch market share. It is expected that the earlier in 2020, the “Long March 8” rocket of the recycling technology can be fly. After its service, the recyclable rocket technology will no longer be monopolized by the United States. Responsible Editor: Chen Wei SN2.

Original title: The Constitution at the National Peoples Convention, the history is the first time! Source□…◁▷: The first constitutional swearing event at the National Peoples Congress of the Beijing Youth Daily, held on March 17. Such swearing activities, will be held on the 18th and 19th. At the press conference of the 13th National Peoples Congress•▪■◁, the spokesman Zhang Yucai introduced that this is the first constitutional swearing in the National Peoples Congress since the Constitution. The Constitution sworn from the unsuccessful Chinese constitutional oath system begins in October 2014. On the month, the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee was reviewed through the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on a major problem of the law in accordance with the law.?

Chinas new network client Beijing May 27th (Reporter Zhang Xu) After Yunnan□•, after the Qinghai earthquake, some traffic infrastructure has damage…=△. The reporter learned from the Ministry of Transport on the 27th that as of 17:00 on the 26th▲◇○, the damaged highways and national trunk roads in Yunnan and Qinghai have all been robbed. Some road sections have fallen stones from time to time. Other highways are normal. Railways, civil aviation, postal have returned to normal state□■. On May 25th□◆■, Dali Prefecture, Dali Prefecture◆▲★▼, Dali Prefecture-•◇, Fengyi Community Station, Fengyi Community Station, was on the earthquake=▽◆, and preventing hidden dangers from causing secondary injurie what is bovine halal protein purification industry jobs About Us. ambar protein industries ltd bse jelly gelatin mix!