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[powder from gelatin]Original title…☆○: Every city should be a safe and civilized city of the public. It should not be a “adventure island” that needs to master a variety of safety tips, and it is the public. ▲ On June 8▪□, Guangzhou generic rain, plus water, internal flood●◇. Image Source: Visual Chinese Wen Wen Wens days, because the typhoon ●•-“Ai Yunni” brings heavy rain. There have been three people in the street suspected electric shock death event in Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing. Three accidents occurred on the streets of the rain◆●▼▷, pointed to the electric shock. This makes many people feel fear…▪□=, so that many citizens dont dare to go out in rainy days, even if they have to go out, they are a little war▼■-○. After all△☆, in the streets of the city, you can see the public facilities, meter, meter, a▽…-.

Original title: The old man is “black and evil forces bullying…□▪○”=■=? Yueyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection: It is said that there is a neighboring dispute•▪=. The 70-year-old elderly man in Zhuanglou Village, Shi Niuzhai Town, Pingjiang County◇…••, Hunan Province, showed a long-lost smile△▪, and said, “Thanks to the party committee, thank you for your discipline committee. I am the Lord▷…★●, I am a lonely wife, no longer afraid of being bullied by others ..□○. ◆△▷•”Net transmission” five insurance old people were bullied by the villagers “Commission for Discipline Investment, I have to start from a netizens WeChat article, February 27th, Some netizens reflected in the WeChat public number “A case of rural black and evil forces 獗◇=: Hunan Pingjiang Shi Niuzhai Town Village collectively bullying poverty-stricken five-security elderly▲■●◇, triggered network attention. The article said that …○”the 70-year-old five-security household in Zhuanglou Village◆◆, Shi Niuzhai Town, Dunhua, has donated the door to the neighboring village grou.

Original title: Beijing-Tianjin Hui air quality today improves the pollution process experience in recent years☆★■, the most unfavorable meteorological conditions◁=, cold air south pollution relief, todays gust can reach the 7th level of Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi) Since March 9, Beijing In the surrounding area, I have experienced a more serious atmospheric pollution process. Yesterday, experts said that this pollution process experienced the most extremely unfavorable meteorological conditions in recent years, there is a typical pollution region transmission. From March 15, the regional pollution situation will be relieved. Experience in recent years, the most unfavorable meteorological conditions yesterday☆▽●▲, the National Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Treatment of the National Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Treatment, experts organized experts to analyze the pollution meteorological conditions•▲. Experts said that this pollution process has experienced the most unfavorable meteorological conditions in recent years. March this year◇▷, Beijing ▷◁.

Original title○△…-: He Lifeng: Beijing Non-Capital Function in accordance with the requirements will be transferred to Xiongan in todays press conference▽△. He Lifeng▽▽•…, the main reporter of the National Development and Reform Commission, said in the question of the reporters question, on February 22•☆○◆, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau, specializing in the planning of Xiongan New District▼◁▼▪, which marked the planning and construction of Xiongan New District entered a new stage of development. He Lifeng said that on April 1 last year◆◁, the Central Committee of the Communist Party has issued the decision on setting up the Xiongan New District-▷◇…. At this time, the planning and construction of the Xiongan New District has been steadily advanced. Specifically, one is to establish a descent and efficient office, forming a part of the party committee of Xiongan New District, with a total of 7 inner units△□◆, and selected a number of outstanding talents working in Xiongan. Second◇◆▼, organize! fish collagen peptide manufacturers swanson chicken collagen type iiGelatin wholesale can bovine collagen peptides cause weight gain collagen korea,