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[gelatin wholesale]Original title=■-▼: Since the 18th National Congress, the first case of corruption▲-=, the first case of the death penalty, the Linyi Intermediate Peoples Court Answer on March 28th□-▲◁, the Chinese Peoples Court of Linyi City●■▽•, Shanxi Province◇□, for the former deputy mayor of the Luliang Peoples Government of Shanxi Province▪▽◇•, Zhang Zhongsheng The huge amount of property, the unclear case◇☆●★, the first instance of the case, the defendant Zhang Zhongsheng sentenced to death▷▽◇■, deprived of political rights for life■◇=, and confiscated all personal property, with a huge amount of property unknown▲★, sentenced to eight years▪▷△, decided to implement death penalty, deprive Political rights lifetime☆▪◁, and confiscated all personal property★▲•◆. At the same time□◆□, the court is also judging, and the property of Zhang Zhongsheng accepts bribery•▪=, and it will be recovered, and the national treasury, insufficient part•…, continue to recover△▪-□. The accused of the same case Li Laijun▷■•▽, Liu Yeheng was also sentenced to the corresponding penalty due to the crime of money laundering. Trial★…, ○●●▷.

Original title: How do you write about the 19th studies? There is a cadre online plagiarism by a serious warning within the party, and the Weihai City Discipline Inspection of Shandong Province has notified 3 formalism and bureaucratic examples. Among them, in the case of the two grassroots cadres, when writing the 19th National Spiritual Studying Experience▲□▪=, there was a plagiarism, which was seriously warned in the party. In November 2017, Wang Zhao□▷, member of the Party Committee, Vice Town Party Committee, Vice Foreign Town, Party Committee-=▷☆, and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, did not follow the actual writing experience in the process of studying○■□-, but also from the web. The article modifies individual statements as an AC material◇▲■△. Zheng Lu, Wang Zhaoyu▲-, was severely warned in the party. This seems to be uncomfortable, and the news hot doors are not allowed to board the news. In fact, this situati?

Original title: Exclusive Hu Hangang responded “China” The China Regional Economy 50 Forum 2018 ●□▽…”” Chinas “Chinas comprehensive exceeding the United States” in responding to the China New Commodity Reference▼☆◆◆. HuAnang said that the evaluation of others does not comment★•▷, it is recommended to see a professional article, ◆▽▷□”the academic research must use academic form”, ◆△★”our statement uses a professional intellectual property database to argue”. He said that China is in the worlds second world in international patents, definitely surpass the United States before 2020. Hu Hangang believes that “academic research should be rigorous, and self-removal, because we are experts.About Us.