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[halal certificate bovine gelatin]Original title: Operators statement, •▷”unlimited”, but still has a package that is not in the eye-catching position to prompt “Daily Speed▲◇” According to China Voice “News” report: mobile Internet era, traffic is “just need”▪◆. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the traffic of mobile Internet access by 1 to April this year reached 15.4 billion GB▽◁○△, an increase of 209% year-on-year○▽☆•, accounting for 98% of the total mobile Internet. In the era of the whole people, many operators also launched the so-called ••=”unlimited” package to make a lot of “large traffic▷▷…•”. However, there are many users reflect that these unlimited package are unrestrained▪◇★•: traffic is super-limited will be limited. What makes many consumers have been puzzled◁◆, these ■◁▷”hidden rules” are often hidden in the product details page, with gray body or small word identification△…□=, which makes people cant resist. Offline business hall•▷=▼, telepho△■-◇.

Original title: (Military) “The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Internal Sign (Trial)” mainly revised the six aspects of the New China Beijing April 15 (Reporter Li Yun, Liu Jimei) reporter learned from the Central Military Commission Training Management Department, the Peoples Liberation Army The “Human Operation Order” has been revised and 15 chapters of 325○▪★, mainly revised six aspects. Human instructions and principles of internal construction. The “Party in the new era” “Building the World First-class Army” ●•”Comprehensive Strictly Administering Army” Important thinking and discussing writing, fully reflecting the political construction army, reforming the strong army, science and technology, and governing the army and preparing for the war. Adjustment to optimize military duti.

Original title▪=: How to actively deal with the aging of the population★▪▪■? On behalf of the members=▷-, the representative of the company has given the residents old-fashioned (Minsheng Welfare Round Table) This reporter Lu Lili Ke Zhongli Jiang Yunlong Zheng Shengcheng representative▽△: To establish a multi-level pension insurance system. In addition to basic endowment insurance▼•▲…, we must improve the annuity or professional annuity and pure voluntary business pension system. Yisida Towards Committee: Further promote the right to simultaneously, streamline the approval process△○□-, reduce the admission threshold for the pension service market◆◇■□, so that the old-age service industry has promoted the new kinetic energy promotion of high quality development••●☆. Huang Yulin, representative: It is recommended that the state has developed a special subsidy policy for the elderly and disabled elderly, and do a good job in the connection with long-term nursing insurance. Deepen the reform of the pension insurance system, strengthen the basic support of the first heavy guarant=△-.

Original title: Trade Protectionism does not have a good fruit (International Forum) Jiangyuan regulatory memo signed by the President Trump, which will not only make US self-suite, and it will also add huge damage to the worlds global supply chain◆★▼, which is affecting the world economy▼◆. The great negative factors developed With the development of economic globalization=▷■◁, the world has become a global village◇◇=■. States should take responsibility for defending economic globalization◁○, which is especially important for world peace development, and is a responsibility that a big country should bear. In this context, the concept of “Datong…▼▲…, Savory and Small That◆○■=”, which has ancient Chinese wisdom, glows through the glory of the era★•★. US President Trump has always advocated -◆★”US First”, but the trade protectionism policy implemented by the United States is ◁□”Trump First○△◆★”•▽, which will lead to economic globalizatio.