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[uses of proteins in food industry]Original title▲▪○: Foreign media: ▼◁◆”Tibet Oil Government△■…◁” was =▪△”cold” in India [observer network comprehensive report] “Tibet Oil Government▷◇” is increasingly “cold” in India. Following India, the Tibetan and Dalai Lama held a commemorative “60th Anniversary” rally in the capital, New Delhi☆○■●, the Dalai Lama visited Indian Xinsons trip was canceled, and the “Thank India” event last Saturday also was “arrived from New Delhi” “High Dallanala•○▷◆, Indian high officials are also prohibited from participating in the authorities. According to Reuters on April 1■▼△○, •☆•”Thanks to the India▷□■•” event was originally planned to be held on March 31, and finally transferred to a remote small town Dallana. According to reports-•◆▼, India is trying to avoid conflict with Chinas explosions•★. Reuters reported screenshots According to the New York Times, Indias foreign minister Swara!

Original title: The peoples micro-evaluation●●•: there is no online red @ Peoples Daily in front of the law September 11 news★=△, walking dogs do not pull the rope▼●, but also suspected of intentionally hurting pregnant women△◁●○. There is no net red in front of the law, only citizens. –…”Nethong” is not a body character◆-▲, more non-privilege pass, the more =★”fans”, the more you need to control=◆. Moral return, laws belongs, not biased, not expanded. Defend the legal righteousness, let the law-abiding have a bottom gas, and the illegal people will be afraid. Source: @ Peoples Daily Click to enter the topic: female net red dog dog does not pull the rope also beaten pregnant women have been detained Editor: Huo .

Original title: ★◁”The road is difficult, the security is difficult, the door is difficult” The three big problems of express delivery “is nothing bad◁▪•…, it is not possible to solve the express▷▼, if not☆▽, take two .▷…★..” This should be a common common online shopping. Heart sound. With the rise of online shopping boom in recent years, the express delivery service has now insects to peoples daily lives. According to data, the 2017 national express delivery volume is 406 billion, which is 33▽○.4 times in 2007. The annual growth rate of 42% has been increased in the decade. However, the logistics industry still has its own industry challenge. For example, the express vehicle is limited, causing express vehicles ◆-•★”road difficulties”■▪; express delivery network has a conflict with urban planning□●▼▪, causing express delivery outlets “Anjia Difficult◆●△-“; express delivery mode to controversial, causing express parcels “to be difficult protein industries canada ceo animal protein producers industry fish collagen peptide adalah. collagen melting point fish collagen wholesale!