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[plant gelatin]Original title△=•▲: Jiang Tao takes the Secretary of Chongqing Shapingba District Party Secretary Tang Xing nominates the Secretary of the Civil Affairs Bureau (China Economic Net Chongqing March 6) According to Chongqing Shapingba District Government website news=…, March 2, Shapingba District held Leading Cadres in the District△★=▲. The Municipal Party Committee decided□▼: Comrade Wang Yue no longer served as Secretary of the Shapingba District Committee of Chongqing△…□, China◆◁, and Comrade Jiang Tao as a member of the Chongqing Shapingba District Committee■=, Standing Committee▷▽=, Secretary. According to the China Economic Network Local Party and Government Leading Peoples Library Information, Jiang Tao, June 1962, once served as Secretary of the Dabu District Committee△▽, 2016, member of the Chongqing Civil Affairs Bureau Party Secretary, Director. Wang Yue has been elected as deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Chongqing Municipal Peoples Congress in January this year. According to the official website of Chongqing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau•☆•: Tang Step N★•▽.

China Xinwang Zhengzhou May 28th (Li Ming) is in the container cargo field of Zhengzhou Putian Station◆□, there is a group of railway workers who can stage ▷◆☆■”full martial arts○•★”, they can guarantee the skilled technologies of long-term work in frontline work. The safe operation of China-European class (Zhengzhou). Since its inception in July 2013, China-EU Since July■○○◇, after more than 7 years of operation▽•, the more running, the more we run, the more it run, the more it go●◁▪, become “buy the world, sell global▲□◆△” international logistics land transport “Gold Train”. Safeguard the railway employee of the “gold train” safely, it can be described as a big story. Zhengzhou car seat Baodian station transfer carrier is introduced in the weekday work▼◁□, like it is list-★•△?

Original title▷■△▼: The latest★▲◁! Xian shakes, buying a house, interpretation, is suspected of destroying computer information system crime Gelatin capsule,! 8 people were dismissed from being avoided empty-gelatin-capsules-size-000 apple pectin powder bulk●▲◁ collagen peptides fish china porcine gelatin! The ▲-•”South Changan Street No▷==▲.” incident is justified in the Sian Changan District Survey Team, which has just been settled in Xian City, China■▪•◆, China On the evening of May 24, online online, “South Changan Street No◁▼. 5 Some School Registration Form◇=★▼”▼◆△○, the Changan District established a survey team overnight, on April 29▽◇★-, “South Changan The street nickname “The project shakes the number of sales processes and all-in-one investigations, according to the regulations, depending on the law▼-▼□. The investigation and treatment will now be notified as follows: 1■=▷. After investigation☆□, on April 29.