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[gelatins]Reference fast comment, Washing, ordered the investigation “new crown origin”, what is the heart? Reference Message Network reported on May 27 (Text / Xiangyang) US President Bid 26 issued a paper statement▽-, he has ordered the US intelligence department to report the origin of new crown viruses within 90 days to clarify the new crown virus is from human and infected Animal contact, or from a laboratory accident▪△. Biden also said◆-, “The United States will continue to cooperate with the same-minded partners around the world to urge China to participate in a comprehensive, transparent and evidence-based international survey•☆, and provide all relevant data and evidence◆◇●▼.” The US move is obviously in China☆◇. For recent time, the interpretation of the new crown is again in the United State○●☆▷.

Original title: The window of opening an opportunity for Africa, I am from Senegal, and now Zhejiang Yiwu has operated a foreign trade company, mainly in China and non-trade. It can be said that my work and life reflects the traditional friendship in China and Africa to some extent, everyone is equal•=■, and mutual benefit will win. I have lived here very much. In the 16 years of living in China, I witnessed …▲-“Chinas manufacturing■◇☆▽” soaring, “manufacturing strong country◇◆▷◇” is becoming another new business card in China. Since 2003•△◁, I came to Chinas purchase of goods. I will set up foreign trade companies△=…○. Every year, my customers and procurement are increasing▽•, and all kinds of HUM goods have been sold to 5 African countries△•. The 19th National Victory of the CCP held a grand blueprint for Chinas future◆…△◆. Held along with Chinas two sessions, .

Original title: Beijing Red Cross Blood Center: CCTV Tower and other places newly built 6 unpaid blood donation points Xinyang News (Reporter Dai Xuan) Today (March 5)◇■○★, Beijing Red Cross Blood Center announced△□, in Beijing Under the guidance of the city and municipal health county, after the coordination between government and the relevant departments•■•…, Beijing newly built six free blood donation points: Xidan Unicom Building blood donation point, CCTV tower blood donation point, China Baowan Mall blood donation point, Tiantan Dongmen blood donation point, Changping Vanke Square blood donation point and Double Ye R & F city blood donation point. The Beijing Red Cross Blood Center called on the public to participate in blood donation activities to support Beijings free blood donation○▲◆, in order to protect Beijings clinical blood. Responsible Editor: Zhang .

Original title: “2017 China Public Meteorological Services White Paper”△▽-: Last year my country Meteorological Disaster Warning released time limit for 2-5 minutes 新京 newspaper news (Reporter Deng Qi intern Yu Huazun) In 2017, my countrys meteorological disaster warning release time is 10 minutes Detailed to 5 to 8 minutes, the warning coverage is 85.8%, and it is 0.8% higher than 2016. In addition, the national public meteorological service satisfaction is 89.1 points, and the historic high has a high history. On March 24th, China Meteorological Bureau held a world weather day opening day event, and issued the “2017 Chinese Public Meteorological Services White Paper□▽•”. “White Paper” shows that in 2017, my countrys temperature is high, with a large amount of precipitation, complex climatic conditions★•, and floods in the local rainfall The 2823 counties in the country introduced meteorological disaster emergency preparation syst.

Original title▷●▽: Does China will release Qualcomm purchase▪◇? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs answers [Global Times – Global Network Report Reporter Zhang Xin] US Time July 25th is the last deadline of the US Qikong Company to acquire NXP semiconductor. If the high pass does not approval from the Chinese regulatory authorities, the transaction will terminate according to the previous conventions, and Qualcom will pay $ 2 billion in the contract of contract△□○. Can China open green lights to Qualcomm? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said inquiries on the 25th routine reporter meeting▪□△, Qualcomm and NXP are world-renowned semiconductor companies. Qualcomm acquisition of NXPs transaction will have a profound impact on the global semiconductor industry. Chinas relevant departments are reviewing the equity case of Qualcomm Company to acquire NXP semiconductor companies in accordance with the provisions of the anti-monopoly law. △•”During the review proces.Pure collagen best fish collagen peptides beef collagen peptides vs fish collagen peptides,