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[jellatin]Original title: Renminbi up to 6▼□☆-.24, your money bag•□▲? Some people smiled…•…●, some people panic ..☆◇◁□. From the beginning of this year, the RMB has appreciated by 5% from the beginning of this year. As of 4:30 pm today, the RMB red / dollar exchange rate is 6.2728■-, the disk is once reached 6.2361, Out of the highest level since the RMB remit of August 11▷□, 2015◆▲. For the continuous appreciation of the renminbi★…, my countrys import and export companies are also facing severe challenges. RMB appreciation domestic export enterprises face challenge Ni Zugen is the person in charge of the listed company of Jiangsu Province=•○○, the companys products have been exported to North America and Europe. Due to the continuous appreciation of the renminbi last year-▷▼, from the beginning of the year▼☆△◇, the road rose to the end of the year 6.4, facing the random of the RMB unilateral appreciatio△▲.

China News Agency▪▷, May 27th, China State Councilors and Foreign Director Wang Yi met with North Koreas new Ambassador to China in Beijing. Wang Yi welcomed Li Longnan to China. Wang Yi said that the Chinese DPRK is the friendly neighboring border adjacent to the landscape. The traditional friendship between the two countries is to create and cultivate the older generation leaders☆□●△. It is worthy of fresh blood in the struggle between the two sides to fight foreign aggression. It is worth the same. Cherish precious wealth…◇. In recent years, under the two-party two countries strategy leaders and personally care, China Dynasty relations entered a new historical period, fully showed the solid connotation and vitality of traditional Chinese friendship★•. China always looks at the relationship between China Dynasties from the strategic height■☆, from a long-term perspecti.

On August 4, Harbin, Heilongjiang▷…▼. A pavement suddenly collapsed, an Audi and a speed dropped into the pit. The Audi driver said that he did not step on the brakes★☆○, “咣” will dropped▪☆▪. The local media news said no casualties. The cause of the accident is investigated▲◇. Editor in charge•▽▽○: Huo .

Original title: [Solutions] Internal report in the White House, revealing the United States to compress the Chinese chip industry in the middle of Chinas chip industry◆=▪, and it is undoubtedly a deep education for Chinas semiconductor and even the Internet technology industry. Yesterday●▽▽○, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong publicly said that ZTE has repeatedly played all Chinese Internet enterprises; Alibaba also announced a wholly-owned acquisition chip company in the near future, and invests in six chips▼▪◇▼. For a time…•■▼, I want to “raise the country”◇◁, catching the voice of the US chip industry. However•□▪□, it is determined to be very good, we should also fully recognize the fierceness of the semiconductor industry represented by the chip☆○○…. Recently○□, the island has received a report published by the US Presidents Science and Technology Advisory Committee named ▪▷△”Leadership” of the US Semiconductor. Although the article is publish.

China Xinwang☆■, May 28 (Guo Qi)=▽●, from June 1 this year-☆■●, the newly revised “Minor Protection Law” and “Preventing Mini Crime Law◇◇▼◆” will be officially implemented. The reporter learned from the press conference held on the 28th of the Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Procuratorate. Since last year, Zhejiang procuratorate has accepted the review arrest and reviewed 8424 people involved in unscrupulous cases, including 3…▼,496 cases of criminal cases of minors. 5,283. Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Procuratorate★-□△, deputy, said that the provincial procuratorate adheres to the un cases idea, and prudently handles every case-▲-▼, co-ordination■…•=, flexible use of various procuratorial supervision methods, and crack the problem of social governance of minor☆★?Gelatin capsule bloom strength of gelatin capsule shells for sale,