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[collagen hydrolyzed]Original title★☆☆△: Liu Wei◆-, Liu Xingtai, Li Zhanzhi resigned from the work of the Shandong Provincial Committee of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee□△, the fourth plenary meeting of the 11th Committee of Shandong Province▼▪, held in Jinan on March 21…□○•. In-depth study of the Plenary Session, implement the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking and the partys 19th National Spirit, and learn the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the national •▷△”two sessions”■★○☆. The Plenary was hosted by the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and Liu Jiayi, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, on behalf of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee▽◆▼▽, reported to the provincial party committees selection and appointment. Attend this plenary, 78 provincial party committees, 14 candidates◆▲. Relevant parties are responsible for comrades. Comrade Central Organization is guided by comrades. All meetings have pointed out that since 2016, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee has adhered to Chinas characteristic society in Xi Jinpings new er!

Original title★▲□▪: Foreign media: The United Nations praised Chinas “Sponge City” project festival pre-report news network report foreign media said that the United Nations said that in climate change and global population growth threatens billions of water safety At the time, governments should focus on “more green■★” policies to improve water supply and quality. According to the Fa XPO, “2018 United Nations World Water Development Report” said that it is estimated that 3▼▪○.6 billion people per year, that is, nearly half of the worlds population living in a year, at least one month, may have water resources The number of shortages, the number may rise to 5.7 billion to 2050. The United Nations Director-General of the UNESCO said at the report conference held in Brasilia•▼, ■■▷”this report proposes a natural solution based on natur☆◆●■?

Original title: Counterattack denaturing proteins in food industry bovine serum albumin in collagen peptides Pectin manufacturer. bovine collagen peptides pregnancy collagen in korea! China intends to increase tariffs on these US imports (with the list) March 2018, the Ministry of Commerce issued a list of suspensions for the US imported steel and aluminum products 232 measures and solicited public opinions, intended to import Some products have increased tariffs to balance the loss of imported steel and aluminum products to Chinas interests. The Ministry of Commerce spokesperson issued a conversation◁•▪. The list is tentatively containing 7 classes, 128 tax products, according to the 2017 statistics, involving US $ 3 billion exports to the Chinese. The first part is 120 taxes, involving US $ 977 million exports▲…★◆, including fresh fruit, dried fruit and nut products, wine▽◆●, modified ethanol, flower ginseng, seamless steel pipe and other products◇=•◆, and add 15% tariffs. seco▷▼.

On March 11th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened the third “representative channel”△★. Yu Hongyi (right), director of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal Peoples Congress, Zhejiang Province●▲★…, was interviewed by reporters▼=. Our reporter ranks in Yang Tub title: Zhang Xuezhang Committee: Let the masses experience the safety of judicial protection public welfare This reporter Zhou Bin procuratorial public welfare litigation is fully implemented▼…, the case has a blowout▲☆, but it is not much to file a lawsuit to the court. Why? This is determined by the operation characteristics of the procuratorial public welfare laws●★, and most cases have been resolved by the foregoing procedures▲○. The case of prosecuting public welfare lawsuits in the field of food and medicine does not seem to be much inconsistent with the current food and safety environment. What is the reason-▷? Comparison of public welfare litigation cases in the field of food safety sector compared to ecological environment and resource protecti=▲☆.