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Gelatin wholesale,[bovine gelatin kosher]Original title: The United States intends to have about 1300 projects in Chinas commodities (with detail) Local Time 3◁▪▷▼, the US Trade Representative Office announced the list of Chinas commodity list in accordance with the “301 survey”. List involve aerospace○○, information and communication technology, robots and machinery, including approximately 1300 independent tariffs. The US Trade Representative Office proposes to pay an additional 25% of China products on the list, called this aim to make up for the loss of the United States in the field of technology▷•. The following is a list screenshot: Editor□◆=: Huo gelation food!

Original title: You have 10 million-●=, I have 20 million•◆◆! The Peoples Congress represents “excavation” chaos: Talent is introduced only with money to wear a hat•◆•? Liberation Daily · View Journalist “Yan Zhu Yizhen” Now some local talents introduced layer plus code, you give 10 million, I will give 20 million, you give leaders, I will give the chief, long this past•◆■•, ••”National Peoples Congress On behalf of the Ninth Peoples Hospital•▲▼◆, the Ninth Peoples Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University, said that when he was considered in the Shanghai delegation team-•★, talent and “hat▼▲” cant be inverted▷▼•◆, and more standardized for various talents introduced plans to ensure talent effects=□. Really played. Liu Yan mentioned that with the importance of talents, the ▲▷▽”battle” of talents is constantly warming, some places in order to attract talents▽◁•◁, open the d▼■.

Original title: After the introduction○▼▷•, “sleep”, ◁▲”Zombie Policy” is connected to the formalism that these policies seem to be used to report. ▲ Source: Visual Chinese Wen Hu Yin Bin is clearly a good policy▲□○■, it has not been able to implement the implementation of the company, and the company cannot enjoy the policy bonus and complainless ☆○△….•▽△=.. According to the report, in recent years, some places have introduced many support entity Decreasing a good policy of corporate cost, but some policies have been introduced for many years…□…▼, but they have been in the state of “sleeping△▷▽•” in ★△▽○”innate lack of lack of◇=” “Insufficient lack”, which is “zombie policy▼◁▲”■☆□◁. The policy that has already been introduced is, which has been demonstrated and checked. Why will I “sleep” or even “zombies”▷◆? Caused a trip to a thousand words●▪-, not enough. Some policies are ju industrial uses of soy protein chicken gelatin powder purification of recombinant protein for industry!

Original title■●▪□: Expert Interpretation of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding regional heavy pollution processes Since March 9▷◇▽★, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas are experiencing a more serious atmospheric pollution process. National Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Treatment Joint Center Daily experts will organize experts, this invitation of major pollution causes the principitation of governance research, and Professor Peking University Hu Min. From the perspective of pollution=★, the pollution process is a typical area accumulation and transmission process. From the afternoon of March 9, it was influenced by disadvantageous meteorological conditions☆▲△. In the early morning of the 10th, contaminants gathered with the weak southern wind to Taihang Mountain•○=, Shijiazhuang to Zhengzhou, the air quality along the city, meta, and Beijing all day reached moderate pollution. On the 11t▷▽■?