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[gelatin used]Jinan▷◇▲-, Jinan May 27 (Reporter Liang Ben) “Shandong Village Revitalization Promotion Regulations (hereinafter referred to as=▲◇▼” Regulations “) May 27th, the 13th Peoples Congress, Shandong Province, the twenty-eighth The meeting review will be officially implemented on July 1=◆, 2021. Shi Xiao, deputy director of the Legal Work Committee of the Shandong Provincial Peoples Congress, said that the “Regulations” has been introduced to fully implement the revitalization of rural resolution=▪◁•, build a rural revitalization of Qilu samples, promoting comprehensive upgrading of agriculture▪●◇▲, and has a comprehensive development of rural and comprehensive development of farmers. On the afternoon◁▼•, the twenty-eighth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth Peoples Congress of Shandong Province held a press conference, introducing just fo▼=△•?

# 2018 two will come # [Supreme Law: In the past five years…▽○▪, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan has been investigated. 81,000 pieces☆▼•□, handling Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Judicial Assistance 58●…,000 cases. Signing the Mainland and Hong Kongs mutual recognition and implementing two arrangements such as civil judgment of marriage and family…▽△●, broaden the scope of judicial assistance. It was issued to take four judicial interpretations and documents in the Taiwan area to serve in mainland residents back to the mainland to serve in the mainland, and promote cross-strait judicial mutual assistance☆•. Http: Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Y☆▲•.

Original title☆★…: The more open, the more favorable the world – visit the first phase of Japan, the Chairman of the Boao Forum Advisory Committee=▽•■, Futian Kangfu is an interview with the reporter of Futian Kangfu (left). Wang Xiaomei took a huge reporter of the worlds future. At the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum 2018, China President Xi Jinping issued the title ▲•”Open Creative and Innovation and Innovation Leading the Lord==△”□△, announced China. In the expansion of 4 major initiatives on the opening up, what do you think of these measures will affect China and the world? Futian Kangfu★…: I think the President Xi said very well, the world welcomes Chinas further expansion of reform and opening up. The more open China, the more benefited the world■▼. Now China is the worlds second largest economy, Chinas development and the wor.

Original title: The first three-stage rail transportation new line will open the trial operation of the new Beijing newspaper (Reporter Yan Jianfei) Yesterday afternoon, ○▽▪◁”2018 Beijing Military Traffic Congestion Action Plan◇▪” officially announced to the public through the window website of the capital-△★. According to the action plan, the main goal of Beijings slow blocking work in 2018 is that the maintenance of motor vehicle protection is within 6……■.1 million units, and the mileage of rail transit is more than 630 kilometers□▪. The ground bus line network continuously optimizes, bicycle and walking system The conditions are constantly improving, the central urban road network traffic index is controlled in 5.7, and the proportion of green travel is increased to 73%. The reporter found that in the overall idea and main goal of this year•△, I first included “the first time I first included” the implementation of traffic participants awareness, rule awareness, safety awareness•▲☆, and civilized awarene•☆△.Pure collagen.