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[enteric coated capsule]Zhongxin Net Nanchang May 26th (Reporter Wu Pengquan) Reporter No. 26, ▽▷▲”Implementation Opinions on the New Era” in the New Times, the Implementation Opinions on the Development of Jiangxi Revolutionary Old Areas (referred to as •★☆”Implementation Opinions”) Press Conference, “Implementation Opinions” issued in the province have proposed 20 specific initiatives to promote the revolutionary development of the revolutionary old district. Jiangxi, the revolutionary old district, made an important contribution to the Chinese revolution and huge sacrifices. At the same day, Zhang Heping▲•★□, director of the Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the director of the Zhenxing Development Work Office, Jiangxi Province, said Zhang Heping-△, Jiangxi Revolutionary Old District, especially the original Central Soviet area such as Sannan, although she won the poverty attack, and natural, history Equal d.

China News Network May 28th According to the website of the National Health Committee, at 0-24, 31 provinces (autonomous regions●☆▪, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 7 cases of diagnosis cases were overseas. Case (3 cases in Sichuan▼◇★■, 2 cases in Shanghai, 1 case in Jiangsu)=★-; no new death case◇◁◆●; 2 cases of new suspected cases are overseas (all in Shanghai). At the beginning, there were 18 cases of newly discharged cases▽▲, and 540 close contacts were released, and the intensive cases were increased by 1 case higher than the previous day. Overseas input existing diagnosed cases (3 cases of severe cases), existing suspected cases were 3 cases. 6019 cases of confirmed cases, cumulative treatme.

Original title•■: [heavy pound] From the central bank to the Ministry of Public Security=▷, multi-sector shot○●▽…! The married unmarried people have notified that the National Development and Reform Commission, the Peoples Bank of China▷■, etc., jointly issued a notice, and jointly disciplinary responsibility subjects in marriage registration, the marriage registration is serious…■, the parties will face 14 joint disciplinary measures▷▪•. The use of false materials in marriage registration, making false statements or deliberately concealing information, serious damage to the legal rights of the other party will be included in the civil affairs department in a list of serious lost letters. The discrimination party will be restricted to the national public officials, restrictions to register as the legal person, restrictions on the state-owned enterprise executives▲=, have served as relevant positions, proposing the opinions of relevant positions, while restricting their participation in related industries First, evaluate. Previously•▲▽, there was a market for marriage in Guizhou, Hubei and other province•▪▽. collagen peptides made from fish collagen tripeptide Pectin manufacturer pectin for jams good collagen,