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[liquid collagen private label] According to Reuters, the local time is on the 27th, the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority President Rabiel will block the …★”long gift” round block incident-▷, and blame the captain of the trunk-■. He said that the captain can choose not to enter the waterway in bad weather. According to reports, Rabie said that the captain knows the ability of the ship. He can tell the manager in advance. “I dont want to go◇☆, I think the weather is not suitable.” Data Map: Relieving the heavy cargo ship “Long Gift” in the Suez Canal. Rabie is also known that the hourly speed is about 25 kilometers before the strand△●■, far exceeds 8 to 9 km speed regulations specified in the southern channel of the canal☆◇=●. In additi•▪.

Original title: Single◇•: Single: Female reporter is red, no need to think that the first financial business woman with a blue dress yesterday because of the other red female reporter asked questions•★○, impatiently The eyebrows■△▪, the eyes, lived by TV, quickly detonated the Chinese Internet, approaching the peak of the screen in a short time□▲▪…. The identity of two female journalists, their employment situation, expression pack, various segments•☆△☆, extension analysis, and rumors are refreshed on the Internet with half an hour☆●. This is another explosive information consumption event on the Internet●☆, but its core is consumption, not something else. Regardless of the official or Internet active people■▲-, there should be too much. The Blue Clothing female reporter frowned△●▽=, whitached eyes were recorded, and was captured online, and there was a series of accidental reasons to promote i.

China New Network May 27th▽◇, the Taiwan “Mid-Time Electronics” report, the “Popular Epidemic Command Center” on the 27th announcement of the new 405 cases of new coronary pneumonia◁◆△, 401 cases, and 4 cases Enter a case◇●□□; another correction is returned to 266 cases of local cases, with a total of 671 cases. 13 cases of death cases were added in the diagnosis case○■▪. ••”Command Center-▪□” said that the new 401 cases of local cases were new▲-□, including men, 211 women, aged at least 5 to 100 years old, and on April 26▲■, 2021 to May 26 The case is the largest number of 177 cases in New North, followed 130 in Taipei-■-•, Taoyuan .

Original title••: Three people in Hebei Ning Jin “Red Water▲•▷” were controlled by the police suspected of using a penetrating and exhaustive substance. Beijing News (Reporter Yu Jia Xiang Lin Fei) On March 29, Nankin◁•■…, Dongwang Town▪…, Ningjin County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province Cao Yizu, a video of the water quality of the irrigated farmland water is circulated online…◆☆□. On April 1☆=◁▼, the Beijing News reporter visited the foundation that the water currently extracted from the well is red, and there is a white foam. According to the local public security department, a group of companies near the pit is used to discharge harmful substances. At present, three people involved in the police have been controlled by the police. In the video of the video, the wells in the fields are constantly pumping out, but the water quality is obviously red, along the ditch to the farmland. On the afternoon of April 1, Dongwang Town Nankang Caoyi Village is adjacent to the 308 National Road Highway△▲, and it is involved in water wells in the fiel◆○◁.

Original title: Chinas documentary, =★●★”brush screen” worldwide◇☆◁◆! Foreign video website producers have high praise fish collagen peptide review! Recently==◁, a documentary is brushing in Korea, Japan, and the United States is collagen halal! All countries, video website producers, university teachers have given five-star praise is bovine hide collagen peptides vegan collagen nitta gelatin! It is crazy to chase in the worlds video websites▲☆. Some people say that it is the most fascinating documentary▲…, and the best testimony of Chinas development. From “Super China” to ▽••□”Brilliant China”, Chinas three years ago, the Korean KBS TV station called “Super China…=” documentary introduced Chinas development, and the broadcast has caused a lot in South Korea. In response, the highest ratings exceeded 10%▲◇, which is twice the Korean general documentary ratings◇•■▲. Three years later▪•, when the Korean people see in the video websi.Gelatin wholesale,