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Gelatin capsule pectin for jam making pure hydrolyzed collagen,[ambar protein industries ltd share price]Original title: Guo Song…◆○…, a member of the original party of the High-tech Zone in Kunming, and Guo Song, executive deputy director of the management committee, were severely disciplinary and was opened to the party, expense the public office investigation, Kunming High-tech Zone former Party Working Committee member-◇▲, executive deputy director of the Management Committee Guo Song Violation of integrity and discipline, receive a total of 70,000 yuan for Li Moumou, a company, a total of 70,000 yuan; violating the national criminal law▷▪, using the position to facilitate the benefits for others□▲-, and accept a real estate company to control the property of 3,960▽▪◁,000 yuan△▪▲□. Among them■▲•▼, the use of jobs will make interests for others, and they will receive a crime of crime of property property. Guo Song is the leading cadres of party members, the ideals and beliefs, and discipline awareness, and still do not converge in the partys 18th National Congress◁▼◁●, do not accept the hand, the top wind is disciplinary△…, and the subordinate unit and individuals within the supervisor will be given; Important positi.

[Shu Yubi “: There are still 1 billion people in the world who have no power. Chairman Shu Yin◁•…☆, who said☆◆: As of now, the national grid company invests in 7 countries and regions of energy backbone network, total assets of more than $ 65 billion, all projects Good operation. At the same time, the overseas project general contracting package has accumulated 40 billion US dollars▽-★, driving Chinas equipment export to more than 80 countries and regions. There are still 1 billion people in the world that have not been powered on. Chinas electricity industry has significant advantages and strong international competitiveness in technology, equipment and management, which can make our positive contributions to global energy transformation and solving electricity poverty. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh.

Patriotic feelings (Live comments) Peoples Daily Xu Ji, no matter how hard, the environment is bad, the environment is very bad, strong-▲, and can let the persistence of the seeds rooted, flowering results▪=●◁, Xiutang Autonomous Region, Yanki County, Tibet Tangxiang◁•△, average altitude above 5,373 meters. Not long ago▽◁▪, the author went to Putao, an interview in the local area•○•. The township party secretary Zain screwed•▷★△: “Putma Jiangtang has high altitude, conditional bitter, but the call of guards, can always call people who are afraid of difficulties.◆•★” Looking at the comrades in front of me, I feel full of bows. Come here•◆☆▷, you can deeply feel the sincere patriotic feelings. For some time, I will welcome the Yuliki County★=▽, Yaqi Middle School, which is located in Putuman.