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[hard gelatin capsules]Original title: Zhang Yingyings 1st anniversary of the United States campus will do praying activities: remembering that Chinese visit scholars Zhang Yingying will be kidnapped by the United States. The first anniversary of the 9th. (Data) Overseas June 8th III ELNEE Erbanna – Champagne Branch (UIUC) China Visitors Zhang Yingying will kidnapped by the United States will be the first anniversary of the next day (9th), UIUC Chinese Student Scholars Association (The Federation) announced that it will host the first anniversary of Zhang Yingying in the afternoon of the 9th◁•△. Comprehensive US Chicago News Gazette website and US Chinese network news, UIUC China Student Association Vice-Chair Jingxiang (Jiheng Jing) said that hope this prayer activity is not only a memorial chapt.

Original title: May, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission, Railway Corporation, etc. will be issued recently, requiring the protection of railway operations for the violation of the violation of the rule of the law▲◆-. Adverse effects, further increased disciplinary efforts to seriously illegally violating the law in other areas, to properly limit the specific serious false man in a period of time☆△◁●. It is implemented from May 1●★-, 2018=……. At the same time, 8 departments of the National Development and Reform Commission, Civil Aviation Administration■▽▽, etc□▲-., to prevent some of the adverse effects of some passenger violations on civil aviation flight safety, further increased disciplinary intensity of serious violations of law in other fields, restricting specific serious people to ride Aircraft. It is implemented from May 1, 2018. The reporter noted that.

New Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Wei Wu is Wang Mengyao) March 2, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference was held in the Press Release Office of the Peoples Hall 13 of the Peoples Hall 13◇●•. When I replied to the reporter, I said that at the macroeconomic situation analysis symposium held in January, the members believe that although the situation in China and abroad was intricate last year, my countrys economic development was stable■●-, better than expected. Not only the •◇▲◇”color” is high, ○◁”temperament” is also quite good. Wang Guoqing said that in 2017○◁, China has handed over a very ★■”refundable” economic annual report=☆, and the total economic volume exceeded 82 trillion, almost equivalent to the worlds GDP rankings # 5 to 10, which is England, India☆•■▪, France, Italy. , The sum of 6 countries such as Brazil=◇●▼, Canada. 6▷▷.9% growth in the worlds major econo.