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[bovine collagen peptides nz]Original title: Peoples Congress representative Zhao Wei◇•★■: Select a domestic classic film, establish a national primary and secondary school student movie library National Peoples Congress★•▷, Zhao Wei submitted to the General Assembly to start the national excellent film into the campus project. Children and adolescents are the flowers of the motherland. It is the builders and successors of the future socialist cause, carrying the hopes and dreams of the Chinese nation. Guiding the majority of children and adolescents with excellent cultural work education★◇▪, establish and promote socialist core values, is the fundamental investigation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation■△, and is also a top priority to strengthen innovation of national basic education=-. As the most vivid visualty-■, the movie is the integrated audio-visual art form of people who are happy, but also provide spiritual cultural food•▷…, disseminate social ideology, in the soul of nourishing people, cultivati△•.

Original title: Hu Wei★-, former deputy general manager Hu Wei, former deputy general manager of mid-management, international engineering Co.●•□□, Ltd▽•▼▪. The Hubei Provincial Supervision Committee inspected the investigation and was taken in an indwelling measures▪-▪. Hu Wei resume Hu Wei■◁▽, male, Han nationality, born in September 1970, Tianjin, participated in work in August 1992, member of the Communist Party of China. He has served as the secondary project manager of China Engineering and Agricultural Machinery Import and Export Corporation, and the general manager of the secondary engineering of the completion project, the general manager of the completion project, Assistant General Manager of the SME International Engineering Co.○▷▲…, Ltd△▽., Ren Zhonggong in January 2011 Party Committee, Deputy General Manager of International Engineering Co◇▽., Ltd▪◁□., responsible for the market business in West Asia and Africa▪◁. 2017.

Original title•-▪▲: The Ministry of Transport will start the III response defense Typhoon “Ama” New Beijing News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Transport that Typhoon “Anab” is expected to be night to the 22nd day of July 21st In Wenling, Zhejiang Province★●▷▽, Luidong landed in Qidong, the wind can reach 10-11, then continue to move in the northwest. According to the Central Meteorological Observatory☆◇□, from 14:00 on the 20th■■, 14th◁■◆, the Donghai Middle East will have 6-9 winds, the wind power of the East China Eastern Sea in the Typhoon Center can reach 10-11, and the gust is 12-13. According to the current control of the current flood control system and the “comprehensive emergency plan”, on July 20th, the Ministry of Transport launched the defense typhoon III response★•. Ministry of Communications requires transportati.

China Xinwang Beijing May 28 (Guo Chaokai) At 2:4 of May 22, a 7.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in Madotian County, Qiaozhou, Qinghai. The Emergency Management Department issued a 7●•▼•.4-magnitude earthquake intensity map of Qinghai Mado★▼-. After the earthquake, the Emergency Management Department, the earthquake scene of the China Earthquake Administration, in accordance with the ▷□”Earthquake Site] (GB / T18208●◁▽.3-2011),▽☆★” China Earthquake Mart “(GB / T17742-2020), to the disaster area 55 survey points launched a real estate hazard survey, and refer to the scientific and technological support results such as fault structure-◆★☆, aftershock distribution, source mechanism▷○, instrumental intensity distribution=▷●, combined with strong vibration observation records◁□○, and determin?