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Pure collagen gelatin in vitamins halal,[proteine per industria alimentare]Original title: Hong Kong Media▪○◇: Chinese fighters overcome high-altitude difficulties strengthen the air defense Hong Kong media said that the Chinese fighter in the southwestern mountainous area of ​​the country showed that the military has overcome the engine problem at high altitude. According to the Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post” website, I reported on March 15 that the official website of the Peoples Liberation Army released the 歼 -10 and 歼 -11 fighters on the snowy mountain▼▽★…. ▲ Information Picture★◆□●: Air Force 歼 -11 fighter training in the snowy plateau. (Xinhua News Agency) These aircraft is an integral part of Chinas third-generation light-type multi-purpose fighter chart, which uses a Russian AL-31F engine. According to the report○▷, there is also a picture of Shaanxi-9 transport aircraft in a high altitude airport●○●=. ▲ Shaanxi Yun-9 transport pla.

China Xinwang Zhaoqing May 28th (Cai Minyi Huang Yuju), Zhaoqing City▽-▽△, Guangdong Province, Zhaoqing City▲▼, the public security bureau issued news, said that the county public security organs have transferred the case to the case of the case with suspected of violations of the individuals personal information. Live a public prosecution★▲◇. At this point, one of the illegal criminal cases of illegal criminal cases of illegal personal information, and waiting for illegal suspects will be the serious punishment of laws. This year, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, opened the county public security bureau launched a combating network black agricultural chain action. In January, the police in Blocking County Public Security Bureau found that there were some people in the jurisdiction using online trafficking of citizens◆○▪▼, which caused serious personal and property dangers to the people in the jurisdictio is collagen in gelatin!

The Ministry of Commerce is scheduled to hold a routine conference at 1st floor of the Ministry of Commerce, at 10◇•:00 am, on March 29 (Thursday)◁◇◆•. The news spokesperson will post the focus of the recent business field◆●=, and answer the media on the spot. Ask questions=◁. The following is a text record=•▽▪: Peak: Dear reporter, everyone is good, welcome to participate in the Ministry of Commerce☆=. Today△…▪, I have two information needs to take the initiative to communicate△•. I▷-▪. Relevant information on “2017 – 2018 China Department Store Retail Industry Development Report○◇•=”. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued the •△-“2017 – 2018 China Retail Development Report”. The “Report” shows that from the 85 department store retail enterprises in the survey, the development of Chinas retail enterprises in 2017 is obvio.

Original title: The public security fire forces held a high-end scholar promotion police rankings. This paper is a Chinese fire magazine WeChat public number□☆. ▼…★■”I am the Chinese peoples armed police force armor, I swear: I am subject to the leadership of the Communist Party of China▼-△, wholeheartedly serve the people, obey orders , Strict discipline, heroic and tenacious, not afraid of sacrifice ..▼■-■. □=○■”The bright voice resounded through the clouds, and the pace of omissions is uniform. A group of quenched orange warriors made a solemn commitment to the majestic armed police emblem. At 10 am on March 12th▷=▷, the public security fire forces were promoted in the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Fire Corps Training Base. At the ceremony▪•, from Jiangsu=▪△●, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui 4 Corps and the Ministry of Public Security Fire Department▽●△, 79 senior sergeants in Nanjing Gaogieg School were granted firs. grass-fed pasture-raised bovine collagen peptides gelatin fertilizer