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Pectin manufacturer fish scale collagen peptides gelatin capsule purple white,[native path collegen]Original title: Hunan Peasant Kong Puzhong○▷◆▽: The Prime Minister invited me to talk about it because my model promotion has just opened the spring. Kong Pu is ushered in the farmers day, dozens of mu of rice fields want to start a new round of behavior■…, Tianli The turtle is about to wake, but also need to feed. Kong Puzhong☆•▪☆, a new type of professional farmer is also a new promotion “net red”. In Jinshi Village, Daunhuang Town, Liuyang City◆•=◁, Hunan Province, and its own family farm is operated in Confucius, and its main development of ◆◆”rice +” integrated ecological breeding model is far from known. In the case of his own ecological family farm brand, Kong Puzhong is from Hongxing News◁…□. Suggestions for comment on the opinio.

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Agriculture△…•◇, in the Middle East region, the reporter ushered in a new round of precipitation process■▪, especially the rain and snow in the river in North China, soil△▷◆■, the soil is improved•▽…, and it is beneficial to wheat growth and spring broadcast☆-▲. There are three main characteristics of the precipitation process: the rainfall is wide▲▪○◆. There is a rainfall weather in the eastern part of the southwest□▪▷, Jianghan□◆●●, Jiangnan, South China and the southeastern part of the northwest. Large local rainfall. Northwestern◆-, southwest○▷, southeastern Jianghan▲★△▽, western Jiangnan, north of Guangxi and southeast of Yunnan, etc. It is expected that in the next few days, most of the southern parts of the south have 20-50 mm, and the local is more than 100 mm. Effective rainfall in the arid zone. Hebei and Beijing-Tianjin areas have no significant rainfall in 140 days▪▲●□. During the precipitation, as of 2 pm on March 17★◆, Shijia, Heb△□…?

Original title: Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying entered my South Island Reef adjacent to the sea Answer reporter: It is understood that March 23, the US Navy “Masstin” missile destroy ship entered the Nansha Islands Sea area. What is Chinas comment? A: On March 23, the US Navy ▲■▲”Masinsin◁■” missile destroyer has entered the China Nansha Islands near the sea area without authorization of the Chinese government. The Chinese navy shall perform verification identification of American ship according to law and warn it…=••. The US is in violation of Chinese law and related international law■▽▼, violating Chinas sovereignty▲▷, destroying the peace, security and good order of relevant sea areas, endangering China island facilities and personnel safety, is a serious political and military provocation▷▽○. China has unable arbitrarily sovereignty on the Nansha Islands and its nearby waters…☆▽◇. China has always be.