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[protein industries canada staff]Ma 飚 简马 马 马, male, Zhuang-●, born in August 1954★=▷▪, Tianyang…□…●, Guangxi◁▽▼, participated in the work in October 1972, June 1985, June 1985, June 1985=■…, June 1985, joined the Chinese Communist Party, the Political Department of Political Science and Economics, University of the Central Ethnic Institute▪-, graduates, researcher●•▪. He is currently a vice chairman of the 19th National Central Committee of the Communist Party of China▷▼=■. 1972-1978 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Liuzhou Iron and Steel Factory Workers from 1978-1982, Political Science, Department of Political Science, Department of Political Science, Assistant Researcher, Deputy Researcher and Deputy Director of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region★○■-, 1982-1991 (] From 1990 to 1991▪●, he was responsible for the deputy secretary of Luo Chengyu Autonomous County Committee, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. 1991-19?

Original title: Changan Street and its extension line, East Second Ring line and other roads take temporary traffic control Beijing News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) tomorrow (March 9), the reporter learned from the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau, tomorrow morning Peak and morning time, Changan Street and its extension line, airport high-speed, East Second Ring whole line, Southeast Third Ring▷◇■, West Friday Ring□•★, etc. Temporary traffic management measures will be taken in time○▽…☆. According to the city traffic control department◇●…, tomorrow (March 10) is on Saturday•★, the motor vehicle is not limited. Affected by multiple factors such as walking, shopping, party leisure, student tutoring, expect afternoon and evening●-=, southeast▷•○□, Northeast, including the Southeast Third Ring☆■, Northeast Fourth Ring Road○○☆, Northeast Fifth Ring, Jingtong Express Road and Changan Street, before Road section of Sanmen Street is highlighted●•=■. It is expected that after 10 a.

Original title: At a glance! 60 Source: “Changan Street◁•●, ICP” WeChat public number recently…▲, the CPC CPC Principal “Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan”▷□•, and issued a notice, requiring various departments in all regions to combine practical conscientious implementation Changan Street, Id: Capitalnews=◇…◁, first-time reading▼-, the full text of nearly 20■◆☆□,000 words, to send a very simple version, as follows=□•: 1. Deepen Party Central Institutional Reform 1…○▲. Form the National Supervision Committee▪◇▽, no longer retaining the country The Ministry of Supervision, the National Prevention of Corruption. 2. The establishment of the central government and regulatory committees according to law•◆▪. 3=★△-. Set up a central audit committee=▼▽•. 4, the central government deepens the reform team, the central network security and information leadership group, the central financial leaders!

Original title■●◁▽: Li Yunfeng▽☆, deputy governor of Jiangsu▪○, received bribery than 14 million first trials, was sentenced to 12 years, March 22◁-●, 2018, the Shandong Heze Intermediate Peoples Court publicly pronounced Li Yunfeng for the former Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government In case of accepting bribes▪=◇, Li Yunfeng••●▷, who was defendant, was sentenced to 12 years in prison, and fined $ 15■…☆▲.5 million☆●; the property of Li Yunfeng took bribery and its interest, and pay the national treasure▪-•. According to the trial: From 2003 to 2014◆•, the defendant Li Yunfeng used the convenience of the director of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the Director of the Research Office, the Office of the Office, the Standing Committee and the Secretary-General of the Provincial Government○▽=•, and the executive vice governor of the provincial government. For the relevant units and individuals, they provide help, direct or pass in engineering contractors, project planning adjustments, and position promotio pectin 1 kg gelatin vs collagen peptides protein range solbar industries!Contacts is clear jel the same as gelatin,