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[gelatin description]Original title: Dredger boats in the sea area of ​​Malaysia, 12 Chinese crew missing transportation department rescue teams to local rescue Beijing News (Reporter Guo Chao) On the afternoon of March 21, the China Sea Search and Rescue Center learned about information, a digging The mud ship is tipped near the sea near Malaysia-★○, and three of them were rescued▪□, 1 person died▽★▪, 12 people were unknown. After the report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs-=△▲, the Ministry of Transport arrived in Malaysia today (March 22) on the morning of the 21st (March 22). The reporter learned from the Ministry of Transport that the ships ship name “JBB RONG CHANG 8”, the captain is 86 meters, the shape is 16 meters wide, and the Dominican, there are 18 crew members, 16 of whom, 1 Malaysians and 1 Indonesia people•●☆. !

Original title: Tower is exhausted, the three major US aviation companies are still changing “Delta Airlines▽=▷, United States United Airlines and US Airlines. According to the 9th◆★☆■, British Reuters reported that Delta Airlines, US Airlines and US Airlines said the same day, they are modifying the system to meet the requirements of China s official on its changes to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. According to previous reports, the China Civil Aviation Administration will originally ask foreign airlines to change the period of Taiwans labeling limit to July 25, but due to the four US airlines “rectification content is not complete□-▪”, the period is relaxed to “two weeks later” Nowadays August 8, overtime is exhausted. Reuters invoked the United States United Airlines spokesperson, and the United Airlines had asked the system to ask the system. “All operations and busine…▽.

Original title: The Jiangxi police have arrested the “10 people in the Changbei Airport▷◇◁” rumors recently, Nanchang suddenly encountered the wind, Nanchang Changbei Airport T2 terminal entrance area part of the house decoration material was blown down by the wind. Individual netizens also released content with facts at the same time. On March 4◆▽◁…, 2018, netizen Lin learned through the Internet to fall the video▷●, and forwarded the text ☆●”Nanchang Changbei Airport•○, currently dead 10 people.◁○▽■” However, the truth is: no casualties. Some netizens maintain a clear attitude towards rumors, not to believe◁…-, and remind Lin★▲, persuade them not to make bovine collagen peptide indonesia industrial foregoing protein reactor! Upon inquiry•★, Lin is in real way that he posted a rumor information about “Changbei Airport, the ceiling of the Changbei Airport□-▽△”, and distributes the si gelatine halal food grade 30mesh soy peptone!

Tight opportunity to upgrade consumption upgrades, with quality consumption to help quality upgrade and market upgrade★◇, comprehensively improve the proportion of famous wine products. On the “China Sweet White Wine Quality and Value Summit Forum”, talk about China The development goal of the wine industry, the chairman of the China Wine Industry Association Sang Shuyu said■☆▪▲. Chinas Sweet liquor quality and value peak forum has always been, quality is the foundation of enterprises, from product to service•▽, quality assurance and quality improvement to enterprises significantly. In particular, in the case of consumption upgrade, how to meet the diversification and personalization needs of the market△★▲, the quality is undoubtedly the first place●◇, the same in the liquor industry. At the same time, in the pursuit of liqu=-?Pectin manufacturer.