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[insect protein industry]Original title: Emergency warning◁▼! The government of this country is destroying the future of Chinas high-profile students collagen drink sachet gelatine sources Gelatin capsule. is jello a homogeneous mixture denaturing proteins in food industry! Since May last May, after winning the admission notice and invitation from Australia, hundreds of doctoral students who have received the national public or full scholarship and visit scholars immediately started to apply to Australia•◆, good to the famous mentor and research. The team continues their doctorate and research projects■○△▼, which can make greater contributions to national progress when they learn to return to the motherland□★. It would like to make these outstanding students who have been working hard to spell public and full scholarship qualifications. In March for half a year=◇, they not only fails to travel to Australia, even the country. Public qualifications are in jeopardy .▽-★….. was wasted for half a yea.

Original title: The National Health Committee held the first press conference: Site Beijing Hospital focusing the population aging Xinyang News (Reporter Xu Wen) The newly formed national health and health committee held the first news release in Beijing Hospital on March 26 meeting-□☆. The reporter was learned at the meeting that the National Alternative Medical Research Center is under construction, and it will specialize in studying aging and anti-aging and prevention and control of senile diseases after completion. In the new round of the institutional reform☆★, the National Health and Sports Committee, the National Aged Office•▲, the State Council of Medical Reform Office☆▼◁◁, and the establishment of the national health and health committee☆…. Its main responsibilities include the development of national health policies, coordinate the promotion of the reform of the medical and health system★●▪□, organize the national basic drug system■▲▽□, supervise and manage public health▪□, medical services=▲, health emergency, responsible for family planning management a.

Original title☆☆▷•: Chinas all-round institution reform: politicians and is the national “two sessions” that have just closed●•, China has announced a heavy state institution reform program, integration, and abolition◇▲▼■, and the scope of the establishment of the State Council▼☆■, covering the ecology Environment▽-◆, agriculture, justice, finance▷▪★◁, immigration policies□▪, retired military affairs▷…, etc. In 40 years of Chinas reform, the State Council has conducted 7 institutional reforms▲☆◁, basically the word “minus▲▷”-=. For example•-◆▪, 1998 reforms▽…◆, the State Councils formulation department is adjusted to 29, and the administrative system is streamer. At the same time…□•, this State Council reform is more focused on “optimization▽□=▲”. Taking agriculture as an example, in the past, the government-related government management functions were dispersed in the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Water Resources◇-•●, a☆△□△.

Original title: What is the change in the Ministry of Science and Technology after reorganization? The new round of the State Council Institutional Reform Program passed the fifth plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress●▼●•. It is worth noting that after the new minister of the reform of this round of institutions, only Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology▽-•, is the only ■••”new minister•▽★■” for the first time to serve as Ministers▲●•. Whether it is the new minister Wang Zhigang, or the former Minister Wan Steel▪□◇, the two ministers of the Ministry of Science and Technology are engineers from engineers=-☆, respectively-▲, and experts from electronic information and automobiles▪●. The appointment of the Minister of Experts also concluded that the Ministry of Science and Technology is to meet the national development requirements of the “big scientific research plan=•★▷”★●□■, todays scientific and technological competition is increasingly hot▷☆•▲, the Ministry of Science and Technology has served as an important mission to promote the development of science and technology. After Wang Zhi, Wang Zhigang faced the medi□▲△.

Original title: Two conferences Ma Huateng suggested to formulate “National Park Law■•▲” China Securities Network News (Reporter Shao Hao) After the two sessions, the National Peoples Congress, the National Peoples Congress◇☆□◁, Tencent Board of Directors, Chairman and Chief Executive official Ma Mi Teng this year, I will submit this year. A written recommendation on the construction of ecological civilization – “Issue on Encourage Social Welfare Organization to participate in the construction and management of national parks□△◆◆”. Ma Huateng believes that national parks are a public welfare national project•◁, and social public welfare institutions have natural advantages in participating in all-in engineering▪★▼□. Public welfare organizations should play their own advantages, actively engage in the natural protection of my countrys national park as the main body, participate in the construction of “beautiful China”. Ma Huateng proposed five specific recommendations: First=○…=, formulate “national pa.