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[hydrolyzed gelatin ingredients]Zhongxin Net Fuzhou May 28 (Zheng Jianglo) on the 28th, the 4th “Good Countertaine – Public Welfare Project Contest□◁…” event launched the press conference in Fuzhou△◆. It is reported that the Fujian Provincial Charity Federation and the Fujian Provincial Civil Affairs Department are scheduled to hold the 4th ▽○”Good Bank – Public Welfare Charity Project Contest” in the second half of 2021. “Good Countertaste-Public Welfare Charity Project Contest” as a Fujian Public Welfare Propaganda Exhibition Platform, has successfully held three times, this competition is the theme of ★-◁◁”coating charity, building a harmonious society▪▷●”, guided by the Civil Affairs Department of Fujian Province▪○=, Fujian Provincial Charity Association hosted, Fujian Strait Social Organization Research Institute hosted. The contest focuses on special groups, focusing on the mass.

Original title-◆▲: Shaanxi implemented ★=”Division of Division”▷■, the hospital did not open a week, please leave▼○●, would you please□○•? From March 1st, “the Special Regulations on the Implementation of Womens Workers Labor Protection in Shaanxi Province” has increased the “Division of Division▼△”○◁•=. Provisions for a week, is there anyone please▼△=? In the visit◇★▲•, Hua Shang reporter found that many people didnt know this fake◇•◆=, and the hospital did not open a holiday•■▼. “Division” related regulations can apply for 1 to 2 days of vacation ●•●”Special provisions for the implementation of womens workers in Shaanxi Province-◇” officially implemented on March 1◇●•, providing special labor for female employees in menstruation, pregnancy, period, and lactation protection. It is worth mentioning that Article 10 of this provision has been detailed for ◇◁◆◁”dysmenorrhea□■▷”, and female workers do not work hard due to heavy dysmenorrhea or menstruatio?

Original title: Fujian has greatly raised the mass reporting of food and drug illegal acts: the highest 500,000 days=△, the newly revised “Fujian Food and Drug illegal Report Awards” (hereinafter referred to as “Measures”) released. After the revision of the “Measures”, the award standards have greatly improved◆▲◇●, and the masses report food and drug illegal acts, up to 500,000 yuan▽▷◁. The public is reported to have a food (including food additive), drug, medical equipment▽●◇, cosmetics illegal crimes within its regulatory duties, and the various levels of food and drug supervision and management departments shall be rewarded accordingly. It is understood that the newly revised □◆”Measures” clarifies the circumstances of reporting reward conditions and not belonging to the scope of rewards, more operability. Report rewards according to the report of evidence and illegal fac-◇.Gelatin wholesale type ii chicken collagen high purity gelatin,