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[customizable gelatin]Original title: The Constitution is fundamentally followed by the 3rd National Peoples Congress of the Ministry of Monitoring…=-△, the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress of the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress, through the ▷◇△”Constitutional Amendment” of the Peoples Republic of China, and puts the major theoretical innovation and major policy policies proposed by the partys 19th National Congress. Entering the national fundamental law☆◁, promoting the constitution and the times…◇, and improve the development=★. There were 21 constitutional modifications, 11 of which were related to the national inspection system reform■○★, and in the third chapter◁★■◆, the ◁□”National Institution” section has established the supervisory committee as a constitutional status of national institutions, Exercising the power▽□▼, laid the constitutional basis. In the Constitution, the “Supervision Committee▷★▽” is overwritten, which is a deep summary of national monitoring system reform, a solid political foundation•☆▪•, theoretical basis, practical basis, and full lega◁★▼.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing▲•▲■, May 27th◁▽: These new initiatives in the field of notarisms, with peoples livelihood, Xinhua News Agency■…▪, reporter Baiyang notarism as one of the closest legal services of the peoples relationship, is playing more and more important in our lives•▽△. Character. According to statistics from the Ministry of Justice, my countrys annual bill of notarized cases is about 1.3 million, involving all aspects of social life such as giving▷◇•◆, inheritance, contract performance, financing guarantee•◆. Recently, the State Council executive meeting, in order to optimize notarization services, further profit-proof will make a series of deployments. The Court of Justice deputy director of the Ministry of Justice was expressed in the Branch of the State Council Policy of the State Council Information Office, at the end of 202◁●.

Original title•△●: Anhui□■: Mobile patrol significant powerhouse is reviewed •☆△=”The partys leadership weakens★■, the core effect is serious•▽▼. The original party committee, especially the main person in charge, extremely irresponsible, serious loss of duty, so that Hui Merchant Group Deepening the debt crisis. ◆▽●”On February 9, the first inspection team of Anhui Provincial Party Committee refers to the above problems when the party committee of Hui Merchant Group Co., Ltd. ★▲”The main person in charge of the original party committee team” referred to in patrol feedback is the secretary of the Huihui Group Co▪◆☆., Ltd., and the chairman Xu Yusui. On November 13, 2017, the Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that Xujia is accepting an organization review◁△. With the same day of Xu Yusu, there is a deputy secretary of the Hui Shi Groups original party committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission. It is worth mentioning that Xu Jiagui and Zhang Weis falling horse is in the 10th Anhui Provincial Committ•-▲☆.