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About Us protein cookie industry protein analysis importance to food industry,[collagen hydrolysate]Original title: The CPC Central State Council on comprehensive strengthening of ecological environmental protection and resolutely laying on pollution prevention and control, CCTV news (News Network): The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued △•”The Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Ecological Environment and Resolutely Protecting Pollution Prevention and Treatment▲●◆”. The “Opinions-▼▷▪” proposed, entering the new era★▷, solving the contradiction between the growing needs of the people and the unbalanced development of the unbalanced and unsuitable development of ecological environmental protection•▽★☆. We must deeply understand the situation facing the ecological environment▷…◁◁, and in-depth implementation of Xi Jinpings ecological civilization thoughts. Adhere to the eclectic, Xinling, adhere to people and natural harmony, and adhere to the green mountains•▪•★, Jinshan Yinshan, adhere to the good ecological environment is the most popular peoples livelihood Welfare■▼•◇, adhere to the lake of lake…▪■○, Lake●○, is a life community, and insist on using the most stringent syste?

Original title○=: German media: Chinas digital field flourishing innovation Quality World Leading March 5, the State Council Prime Minister Li Keqiang made a government work report◆○•. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Peng photo Overseas Network on March 6th□…▲-, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in the Great Hall of the People, and Li Keqiang reported to the General Assembly on behalf of the State Council. In the report, in the past five years, Chinas innovative driving development results are fruitful•…☆. The National Daily “New Germany” said in the report that in recent years, China has been flourishing in the field of digitization•▪☆, but also in the world leadership. “New Germany” is mentioned in the report that Li Keqiang especially emphasizes the establishment of Chinas popular entrepreneurship in the governments work report○-■△, especially the △○◇…”Internet +●■” is widely integrate.

11 years ago, I have experienced an Eucalyptus earthquake. Now they become firefighters to resolve Mados earthquake-stricken areas. Author: He Qiannan May 22nd in the morning-▪, Qinghai City, Jinhua Road, Qinghai Province, suddenly pulled the alarm, Ren Zengojie and him The comrades wore rescue clothes in the first time and entered the “war▽▼◇●” state. When I heard the news of Mados 7.4-magnitude earthquake, his heart was hit, and people also stood. The reporter rushed to the nearest fire station at 2:10 in the morning of the 22nd•▲=, the firefighters have been assembled downstairs. They are waiting for Yan Zengji at 7:49 on April 14, 2010. Yushu has a strong earthquake◇○…, and the benevolence goes to go to school. Increased Dharma, I saw my grandmother from .

Original title▽-▲=: The first week of the two sessions read Chinas implementation efficiency, and half of Marxism did not have March 20th, the first national two sessions after the 19th National Congress△=○◆. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China depicts the next few decades, the “Government Work Report” determines this years construction map. ☆•”Party and national reform programs” have also been announced. Blue drawing, the construction is set, the agency is adjusted, a series of target implementations◇•…▼, the key is implemented. A sense, the two will come to an end-▼, which is an important time window that read Chinas reform direction, implementation efficiency▽△-. How do new institutions list new? How does the center take a lead in action★▽○? How do you implement the spirit of the two sessions? This week◁☆, there is an efficient progress◆△○•. In fact■◁◇▽, it is a good blueprint that will be raised in the implementation of the central lead in actio.