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Pure collagen fish gelatin for capsule production,[protein shakes industry]Source▽○◁: China Daily [US Trade Representative Office announced the second round of tariff plans◁▷▲, 15% of the imported Chinese products worth 16 billion US products, take effect on August 23] According to CNN, the US Trade Representative Office is in the US local time On Tuesday•▼, a list of Chinese products worth about $ 16 billion is announced-=, and it is said that from August 23▷-▽, the product will be levied on the list of 25% of the product. The list contains 279 of the initial 284 tariffs in the prosecution list announced on June 15. Editor in charge: Joe Lehua SN0▼=△!

Original title●=☆: [New rich] a corn opened the worlds door industrial applications of protein immobilization! This hillivore has walked out of 4 listed companies what is bovine collagen peptides! The 19th National Congress of the Party put forward the implementation of the rural resolution•▼△•, indicating the direction of agricultural rural reform. In 2018▪△□◁, the central 1nd document clarified the timetable for implementing the ▷•■”three steps” of the country to revitalize the strategy☆◁. It is proposed that agriculture has become a running industry▷○, so that farmers become an attractive profession, so that the countryside has become the beautiful home of living in the homes. A bright discussion, let everyone look forward to the prospects of agricultural development-◆△. Eat a free shopping for the elderly apartment tube to eat the tube to eat Shandong, this village envy. △ CCTV Finance □▽○”Economic Half-hour●▼◇” column video is open every Friday▽☆•○, is the opening day of the West King City, Zouping County▲▽-●, Shandong Province. Not nine in the morning, the village supermarket fish collagen peptide wiki!

Xinhua News Agency=…◇-, on August 21 (Reporter Chen Wenguang) reporter learned from the Hunan Provincial Peoples Procuratorate on the 21st that Zhao Wenbin▷•-, former Deputy Secretary of Hunan City, Xiangtan Municipal Party Committee, was suspected of accepting bribes, and the Hunan Provincial Supervision Committee survey ended, transfer Procuratorate review prosecution. Recently, the Hunan Provincial Peoples Procuratorate made an arrest decision of Zhao Wenbin according to the crime of accepting bribes. This case is under further handling. According to the reporter, Zhao Wenbin served as the secretary of the Kaifu District Committee of Changsha City, deputy mayor of Changsha City, the Standing Committee of the Changsha Municipal Committee○△◆★, Director of the Party Crafts Committee of the Dahe West, and the deputy secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of the Xiangtan Municipal Committee Political discipline, serving with others▷△, engaging in attack and defensive alliances•◆▷●, transfer, concealing property, fighting up the organization; violating the spirit of the central provisions, and accepting private business owners to arrange the Go◇•-•!

Original title: New Delhi from behind the Babas abacus, was broken by De Heland … Iran invites Zhongba to build Chabahar Port, India: .▪◁.. The 14th from Pakistans news has made India. One. According to Pakistans “Dawn”▼▼○, the Iranian Foreign Minister Zarov has invited China and Pakistan to participate in the construction of CCB Harburg in recent visit to Pakistan☆▽, and connect Guadar Port▪★◁. In December 2017, India and Iran signed an agreement to develop Chabahar Port, promised to invest $ 500 million for this. According to the idea of ​​New Delhi…△, the port of Chabahar is the new strategic channel in India bypass Pakistan Unicom Afghanistan and Central Asia▲◆○▪, with the important strategic significance of “fighting China”…●•. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarft “Iran has aroused the 外漪 in the Indian diploma.