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[protein skimmer industrial]Chinas first winter Olympics champion Yang Yang▲▼●: Do not choose ★•◁…”Safety Brand•◆-◇” to believe that the Beijing Winter Olympics you believe is less than 9 months■☆, “Snow and Ice Project Tests have been held, and all preparations are continuously promoted.△○” Yang Yang, chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee◇▷, recently revealed that China Youth Daily · Zhongqing Net reporter interview, under the global epidemic challenge, the preparations for Beijing Winter Olympics is recognized and supported by the International Olympic Committee, ◇○…□”International Sports The big family is very expected, I hope that through the success of the event○▲◇…, it will encourage more people to cross the current difficulties☆◆. ” In Yang Yang, the international communitys confidence in China stems from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games○…●△, and is also based on ice and sno!

Original title Vietnam repeatedly agreed to protest China South China Sea fishing letter expert▽=△: Vietnam accused without reason [Global Times Vietnam Special Reporter Bai Wei Global Times reporter Zhao Yuta] Vietnam “Young Peoples Daily★◁” reported on the 27th◁▼, Vietnam Fisheries Association recently published Declare, against the Regulations on the Ministry of Agriculture on the South China Sea=…▼. The association also sent metric to the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture★▲-▽, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister▷◁▼○, requiring state organs to protect the ◆•●…”rights and interests” of Vietnamese fishermen•◇. Gu Xiaosong, director of the Southeast Asian Institute of Guangxi Social Sciences, said the “Global Times◁▷◇” reporter=…, the fishery period is to protect the South China Sea fishery resources and improve the awareness of the fishermen s the protection of ecological environment. The Buyers accusation is unreasonable. China Agriculture issued the •-•”Notice on Adjusting the Adjustment of Ocean Frost Seedlings in February this yea?

Original title▪=△□: The two sessions of the citizen governor are said? Cai Qi=▪, a representative of the National Peoples Congress of Beijing▲•▪, and the Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee: Building an international first-class harmonious and livable capital Cai Qi said that Beijing should deepen the citys strategic positioning of the capital▲▼◆, strengthen the -◁”four central” functional construction, improve the “four service” level, more Good service party and national working overall situation. At this stage, Beijing, reduction and development are characteristic, innovation development is an outgoing◆□=, and is the only way out. “Two One hundred years☆△▼” struggle is implemented in Beijing, which is to take the lead in building a well-off society, build the capital of the great socialist motherland◆▪=, and move toward the great revival of the Chinese nation…☆■, international first-class harmonious and livable. Representative of the National Peoples Congress, the mayor of Beijing, Chen Jining▽▲•: spared no effort to promote the capital high quality development Chen Jining pointed ou is hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides a type of msg soft medical gelatin capsule empty!

Original title◆◁▼: 2018 National Double Session 丨 Ministry of Foreign Affairs: As long as the relationship between China and Japan continues to improve, the high-level travel of the two countries to the new Beijing News (Reporter Huang Zhongfangchen) Today (March 8th)○■, the 13th National Peoples Congress a meeting reporter meeting Wang Yi, Minister of Foreign Affairs★◇, answered questions from the Sino-Japanese relations. Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that recently•▷△…, the Japanese party has adopted a more clear and active policies, and the China-Japanese relations have a rare momentum-□★◁, and China welcomes this. As long as the day does not hesitate, does not toss, not reverse, objectively treated and agreed to Chinas development, China is willing to move in the Japanese side, and jointly promote the relationship between the two countries to return to health and stable development tracks. Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that this year is the 40th anniversary of the “Sino-Japanese Peaceful Friendship Treaty”, and standing in history after 40 year.

Original title: The proportion of leadership cadres decreases industrial foregoing protein generator=•= Gelatin wholesale. pectin food grade powder! A picture understands that the representative of the 13th National Peoples Congress constitutes the official website of the Chinese Peoples official website, from various provinces▷△•, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, the military congress of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army The meeting, a total of 2,980 representatives of the 13th National Peoples Congress. The election results show that the elected National Peoples Congress representatives have a wide range of representatives★=▲. All aspects of all nations in all regions have appropriate quantities▪=▲■. The representatives of frontline workers have increased, and the proportion of representatives of party and government leading cadres has declined. According to statistics, in the selected representative, the minority represents 438, accounting for 14.70% of the total representatives, and 55 ethnic minorities in the country have representatives of the natio•◆▲◁.