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[gelatin type a vs b]Original title: 8 years, fined 4.69 billion…▷☆, the United States threatened the source of illegal drug companies: Time drug safety problem. That is the end of the 19th century, the United States is in the era of rapid development of industrialization. Under the indulgence of the stimulation and law of profits, pharmaceutics incorporate thousands of drugs into invalid or even toxic substances, and patients do not have safety▼△. Before the Second World War, the United Statess food and drugs appeared in European Europeans, which is the synonym of counterfeit and shoddy products▼•…. Until 1906, the US government promulgated the “Pure Food Pharmaceutical Act▽•”, which is the first national decree to protect consumer rights in the United State.

Original title: Sharing Recruitment “Blacklist”▪…: Is it so embarrassed to the job seeker▲=▼? You are very poison, you are poisonous, you are poison poison poison … Wen Wang Yan, “How to have such a unreliable job seeker!” According to the Workers Daily, recently, it is responsible for the HR of Li Qimings HR to take him◁…▼•. The resume sent into a 300-person advertising industry HR WeChat group, in the group△▽, in the group, many questions in this recruitment process: •-☆…”The interview is late, the behavior is impetuous, and it is difficult to talk to him■▽☆○. Put the pigeon … “Given these” sickness ◆•●△”, many HR speaking in the group said he would” pull ▲▷”. Sharing Recruitment “Blacklist”, as the name suggests, is included in a company or employer to include the candidate of its dissent into the □◆☆■”blacklist▲▼▲” and release it within a certain range, collagen protein edible gelatin producer gelatin used for!

In mid-May, Israel and Palestine broke out the most serious conflict since 2014, causing heavy casualties and property losses, and suffering. Recently□■…, the two sides reached a ceasefire…□△☆, and the Chinese side welcomed this. 73 years ago◆★○□, the first Middle East War broke out, the Palestinian people struggled to fight for legitimate rights and interests. After 73 years, the rational appeal of the Palestinian peoples independent founding countries have not been met△▼▽△, and the Palestins conflict tragedy is repeated, torture international fairness and integrity. How to guide the Palestinian tragedy to jump out of the tragedy of the conflict cycle, usher in the dawn of peace, the international community should take responsibility△■. Under the current situation, we must consolidate the ceasefire results, relieve the humanitarian crisis as soon as possible, and the confli industrial gelatin for glue★☆▼!

[Global Times – Global Network Report Reporter Zhang Hui] Recently-▽, US officials call for comprehensive investigation of new crown viruses▪△-•, saying that China has not maintained completely transparent during traceability. In this regard●☆★○, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at the 26th routine reporter meeting that traceability is a scientific issue•◆, the purpose is to enhance human awareness of viruses, better prevent infectious diseases in the future◇•■. Since the epidemic☆•, China has taken the lead in supporting WHO to carry out global traceability research▽▲. From January 14th to February 10 this year, WHO International Experts Group has carried out a one-month in-depth study in Wuhan, and both parties have carried out real estator.Pectin manufacturer.