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[empty gelatin capsules size 0][Li Jianguo made a description of the draft monitoring law], by the Standing Committee of the 12th National Peoples Congress▷◆, Li Jianguo, deputy chairman of the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, to the 13th National Peoples Congress, for the draft rule of the Chinese Peoples Republic of China. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor■▷…●: Chu Xiaoh●○■▲.

Original title: Is the tax threshold 7000 or 10000▽■? Liu Shangxi, the CPPCC, depends on the source of life: the future network Beijing Beijing March 6th session, with the representative committee recommended to increase the tax threshold to 7000, and some people recommend to 10000. So, what genders have been adjusted to my countrys tax reform? How to change? Liu Shangxi, a member of the National Committee of China•■, Dean of China Finance Science Research Institute, believes that the high and low of tax gauge depends on the calculation of living costs, and the purpose of the tax rate system is to regulate fairness. The tax point for tax depends on the cost of living is recommended to increase the tax threshold to 7000●-, and some people say to 10000. The most concerned is the representative of the National Peoples Congress◇◆, and Dong Mingzhu□□◆, chairman of Gree Electric, suggests that a tax gauge is adjuste.

Original title☆◇: 2018 pension overall up with a total of about 5%, 110 million people will benefit▲=! China New Jingwei Client on March 23, the Ministry of Human Social Science website 23rd news▽▷▲●, the Ministry of Human Ministry◆▲, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice, clear from January 1, 2018, has handled retirement procedures by the end of 2017 The retirees of enterprises and organs and institutions of basic pensions in the month will increase the basic pension level. The overall adjustment level is about 5% of the 2017 retirees per capita monthly pension, which is expected to benefit from 114 million retirees. It is reported that the adjustment continues to unify the adjustment of quota adjustment○▪, hook adjustment and appropriate tilt. Quota adjustment reflects social fairness■=△, basically consistent with all kinds of retirees in the same area; hook adjustme▼●. bakers gelatin powder manufacturer industrial production of single cell proteins About Us.

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