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[marine collagen powder]Original title◁▼: The Ministry of Environment△◇: It is restored to the Bohai bone gray, guarantees the Haihai Mass Sea Funeral Demand Ecological Environment Department Office of the Office of the Office of China [2018] No. 537 About the Restoration of the Bohai Chronicles Pouring Related Matters State Ocean Bureau North Sea Branch: According to the basis The State Council institutional reform plan▲•☆◇, the marine tilt management function has been transferred. In order to implement the people-centered development thoughts, ensure the requirements of the people of the Bohai Sea◆■□▷, and effectively implement the relevant requirements of “work…★” during the process of reform, and now the Bohai Yimei is in the Bohai Ashes during the reform transition◇○, as follows: First, from now Restore the Bohai ash, please continue to do a good job in issuance of licenses in accordance with laws and regulations and “put” reform requirements-…. The reform of the organization is completed●=•, and the function is adjusted .

The latest news: Just now, the 4.3-magnitude earthquake in Yaan, Sichuan is twice▪●□, and the zoning timing is 29 seconds◁◆. China Earthquake Network released a number of earthquake news: China Earthquake Network officially determined: At 16★=:46 in Yaan, May 16 (29▽●-.18 degrees north latitude, 102.27 degrees East 22.27 degrees) occurred in a magnitude 4.9 km. China Earthquake Network officially determined: At 16…-•:46 on May 16th◁△, the 4.3-magnitude earthquake occurred in Shibaixian County•◇…, Yaan City, Sichuan Province (Norta latitude, 102.28 degrees East), and 11 kilometers in the depth of the source. At 16●•…:44 at 16:44 in Yaan City, Yaan (29•▽○.20 degrees north latitude■☆•, 102.26 degrees East) in Sichuan Province, the earthquake was 9 kilometer!

At 9▪▼▲■:00 on March 13th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress held the fourth plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People. After the meeting▷-=△, the North Hall □▪”Ministerial Channel○•” opened◆▼★, and the reporter held the head of the State Council of the State Council attended the meeting. Below is the director of the Poverty Alleviation, Liu Yongfu○■▪•, answered the reporter-■. China Poverty Alleviation: It is too much to take off the poverty. Is there any measures to crack◁◁? Liu Yongfu: This phenomenon is still a lot, and there are indeed some problems in the weak links in the process of poverty◁=. For example, there are too many filledments●□, and all departments must fill in the number of reports, even formism. This is to correct. The central government has decided that this year as a work style of the poverty alleviation field is to correct such formism. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Yili global protein and agriculture industry industrial whey protein review■…• Contacts, osaka hope mills north carolina china gelatin collagen!

Wang Jinxi: Wang Jinxi, who has been invested by the motherland (Struggling Hundred Years) Wang Jinxi in 2009◆■○, is elected “100 New China in the founding of China”…▽•◇. Won the title of “The Most Beautiful Struggle” “National Labor Model▲▲”☆=▷▽. Wang Jinxi, born in Yumen County, Gansu Province in October 1923. He is 15 years old to Yumen Oil Mine as a child labor. After the founding of New China•▼▽, I went to the Yumen Drilling Team and joined the Communist Party of China in 1956. He has served as a head of the captain of drilling◇▼, drill▷▲, drilling captain, drilling headquarters drilling the second brigade, deputy command of the drilling headquarters. In September 1958, he led the 1205 Drilling Team created the latest record of 5009 meters of the mont.

Original title: US Trade Policy Representative LeTheze: China and the United States hope A 60-day window period will be given before the entry into force of Chinas commodity tariffs, or before June this year or will not undertake tariffs. When asked whether China and the United States may avoid tariff conflicts through negotiations•△=◆, Wright Sizawei said: “I think this has hope.” He also said that China and US trade relations “will bring a good place” will need a few Year time. In the interview, LeTheze said that the total amount of the total amount of more than $ 50 billion will include most high-tech products. He said that these items will be selected by the computer algorithm, aimed at maxim•●.