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[bovine collagen peptide nitta gelatin inc]Original title: Asian drink milk after milk•△□…? Chinas technology is perfect! Speaking of milk, I believe that the emotions in my heart are very complicated■▼◆. Li Keqiang talked about the five years in the governments work report, China has been transforming the traditional industry, improving the quality and efficiency of supply system. Milk is a key point. After years of governance and efforts, the manufacturing level of the Chinese dairy industry, the quality of dairy products, in fact◆▽▼•, has already reached the international first-class level◇□, but this mouth is in love milk, many people What is the most authentic situation in China in this industry? CCTV Finance “Economic Half-hour◇•” reporter conducted an investigation◇■★=. 4 staff members of 1300 tons of milk can be completed every day, I dont see a drop of mil.

Original title: 600 pairs 2000 are there•▽▪◁? Trading war never quantity is as simple as the source: “Sweet Sweet,” WeChat Gao Jun Recently•☆, the US has announced the total number of tariff lists of Chinas $ 20 billion in the form of 10 billion dollars, and proposed taxation rate 10% increased to 25%=◆. The momentum means and aggressive attitude makes the international community, which also makes Chinas next countermeasures become the focus of attention. On the evening of August 3, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce expressed his conversation. Almost at the same time, the State Council tax issued an announcement announced that it will be about $ 60 billion in 5207 taxes originally produced in the United State.

Original title☆■: The Beijing Municipal Government No☆◆●•. 1 document released, 12 city leaders divided the mission yesterday (March 8), the Beijing Municipal Government 2018 No. 1 document is open to the window of the capital▲○▽. The theme of the document is the key work division of the Beijing Municipal Government Work Report this year. Know the XJB-Jingshier note that this is the first year of the Beijing Municipal Government to focus on this theme in the fourth consecutive year▲=. In the 198 key work this year, each of them is clearly led by at least one municipal government. In addition to the mayor, 9 deputy mayor and the Secretary-General…☆, January, the first-year city party group member■★=, the Municipal Public Security Bureau…•●, Director Wang Xiaoyang, has also received 9 tasks▽•. Mayor, deputy mayor, secretary general of the municipal government•▷. The window screenshot of the capital window has a lead◇◁▪▽.

After eight years of the Provincial Party Committee●■☆, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee returned to the host city, and the Jilin Provincial Party Secretary Baron Chao Dynasty once again came to Ningbo who had been hosting. On the afternoon of April 23, the Jilin Provincial Party and government delegation led by the Provincial Party Committee, Bayeao, the governor Jing Junhai led the Ningbo learning, and held Jilin Province-Ningbo City Exchange Cooperation and Promotion of Yanbei – Ningbo Poverty Alleviation Collaborative symposium. At the meeting, as ▲○”the host•◇” Ningbo Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zheng Gangjie specially mentioned that Bayin Chao Lu Shuji is Ningbos “Elder Secretary”, in the past 7 years of Ningbo, walk through Ningbos mountain water, A deep friendship with the Ningbo cadres, made a very important contribution to the reform and development of Ningbo. On April 23●…, the Jilin Provincial Party and government delegation conducted a study in Ningbo. Source★•: Jilin Dai●□▲○.

Original title: Commander: Kudlo should warn colleagues rather than threatening China Kudlo should warn colleagues rather than threatening China. After China, China announced that it will increase tariffs for $ 60 billion in the United States, Director Kudlo-△, director of the White House National Economic Commission, threatened Beijing, do not underestimate Trumps determination. Kudlo said that $ 60 billion in China is a relatively weak response compared to the US plan to pay 20 billion US dollars in China. Kudlo also claims that the Chinese economy is weak, the currency is weak, and people are leaving that country. What he means is that China cannot afford trade war•…◆, but the United States has the determination and ability of the trade war for a long time and constantly upgrading it. Cue delito admits that there are still many ways to hurt US companies that do business in China. Data Map: White Hou. cow gelatin halal capsules industrial whey protein suppliersContacts.

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