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[proteins in food industry]Zhongxin Net Changsha May 28 (Reporter Deng Xia) Hunan Changsha found a group of ancient tombs in the Han to Tang and Song Dynasties in the construction site▽-. The reporter saw the tombs in archaeological excavation on the site on the 28th. According to reports, there are currently 42 ancient tombs, and 24 seats have been discovered. Most of the tomb levels are small and medium-sized civilian tomb◆○▲▷, a small amount of a secondary aristocratic tomb. The construction project site is located in Hunan Geological Middle School☆▷■, in the 19th cultural relics (Bulk Bay cultural relics), announced by Changsha Municipal Government△▽-. Zhang Jingyu, the head of the archaeological site, said that the surrounding area of ​​the project has discovered multi-batch of ancient tombs and important artifacts in the process of cooperating with the basic construction of the cit.

Original title☆=: Yang Weimin: The standard system of the standard system is under the study of the high-quality development of the Government Work Report-•, which has increased by 6○★■….5% in the gross domestic product this year. Considering that my countrys demand for building a well-off society is in line with my countrys economy from high-speed growth to high quality growth●▷•◁. Cover journalists learned that compared to 6.9% last year, this years target data fell-▲=, did there be a new cycle of economic development? On March 5th□○, Yang Weimin, deputy director of the National Committee of China and the Central Finance Leading Group, said in an interview with a reporter that there is no new cycle, and the cycle cannot be judged by a year and a half. In the past, the Central Economic Work Conference clearly proposed “Express the formation of index system, policy system, standard for high quality developmen.

Original title: (two sessions performed) Thirteen National Peoples Congress○-□-, one meeting○◁◇▼, ready to see the Beijing-foreign delegation, all arrived in Beijing, Beijing, March 2 (Reporter Hu Hao, Shi Yuxi) Reporter from the 13th National Peoples Congress The news center learned that the Beijing-foreign delegation participating in the meeting has all been arrived in Beijing, and the preparations for the General Assembly are already ready◇▼◆. At around 7:20 on 2◇…☆, the National Peoples Congress from Heilongjiang Province arrived at Beijing Railway Station by Z16 train. This is the first batch of Beijing-foreign representatives arrived at the 13th National Peoples Congress. Since then, other Beijing-foreign delegations have also arrived in Beijing. Various arrangements such as delegations, accommodation, dining★▽□★, vehicles★▲, conference rooms are ready. It is understood that this year will continue the rigorous, pragmatic, frugal conference•★-, strengthen the construction of the convention…▷▽, serio◆◇! what is gelatin made of horse hooves low dose chicken native type ii collagenPectin manufacturer native path collagen reviews industrial protein company!